Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday getting wallpaper off my kitchen walls. Not really even the whole kitchen, just the breakfast area. AND, the wallpaper was only below the chair rail. I thought it would be a snap. I thought I would have all the paper off, the walls prepped, and new paper up all in one day. So much for my plans...

Jessica and I took the wallpaper off the walls in her bathroom last summer. It came right off -- we hardly had to work at all. In fact, we didn't texture the walls or anything after we took the paper down. They were in perfect shape. We just painted the walls neon orange. Her bathroom glows! It's amazing how much easier the job was when there was a good foundation. Someone (the house builder) took the time to prep the walls upstairs in the bathroom but not the kitchen.

So yesterday I sprayed the walls with wallpaper remover, scraped (even with my fingernails at times - yikes!), sanded, scraped more, sanded more. I finally painted the Clear Wall Size on at about 9:00 last night. Next time, that paper will come off!

Isn't that just the way life is? Really, when you get to those hard spots -- and they will come, they always do -- isn't it so much better if you have a good foundation? You can run to God and pour your heart out. The relationship is familiar and comforting and safe. Not like those times when you've been negligent in your relationship with Him. You've got to work so much harder just re-establishing the relationship. Not because He's not there but something has come between you. The long days of working and scraping and doing all the prep work... Ugh!

I would rather pull wallpaper off a prepped wall than go through yesterday ever again.

So it is between me and God. I think I'll just stick right here in the close spot -- it's the best place to be.

Serving the King,


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