Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Countdown - 9 days

Here's our new family member, Dodge. We adopted him today from the Mansfield Animal Shelter. He's a Shepherd mix and is about 4 months old. He has already followed me around everywhere today -- he really won't let me out of his sight. We've played and have been all around the house and yard. Thankfully he is sleeping right now -- it's been a big day for a little pup -- so I can work on my NT semester project. Last night the five of us decided on his name and we went to the pet store to get all kinds of stuff so we could bring him home today. Johnny said I have to stop saying that Jot was the best dog ever on the face of the planet now that we have a new dog. I'm already pretty darn attracted to this new little thing...

Serving the King,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Countdown - 10 days

The first time I stepped onto the campus of SWBTS as a student was January of 1987 -- forever ago. One of my professors that first semester was Dr. Marsh. He had wild white hair, like you would think of when you think of Einstein. Every time we met for class we started by singing "Victory in Jesus." It was my first time really away from home because even though I lived on campus during college my parents lived in the same town. I remember when I walked onto the campus I just knew I was supposed to be there. I only attended that one semester, however. Instead I got married, had three kids, moved and experienced life. I was able to take some classes online when we lived further away, but then we moved back. Lots of things had changed in the almost two decades I had been away. A new concentration was added since my last time there -- women's ministry -- and I made it mine. The students are young -- they seem younger than they did back then. My classmates wear jeans and flip-flops to class, for heavens sake! So I got some jeans and flip-flops and got busy finishing my degree. And today I attended my last class before finals. It was great. It was NT and my professor is passionate about the subject. He must've said a bazillon times this semester that he wanted to make sure we read the Bible well. I hope I will.

Serving the King,


Monday, April 28, 2008

The Countdown - 11 days

Today was my next to last day at seminary. I also completed 2 of my four classes today as we are not having a final nor are we meeting for class during final's week next week. We even got out a little early in both of those classes today. I walked over to the bookstore to get my "blue book" (you know, the little booklet with the blue cover that's just empty pages) for my NT final next week. From the bookstore to my OT class I walked beside the library. It was an almost perfect weather day in Texas. Walking under the big trees that shade the sidewalk it was almost cool. I have been feeling nothing but excited anticipation for weeks but today, I must admit, I was a bit sad. I think I will miss being there. I have loved sitting and listening to really smart men and women as they teach God's Word and practical aspects of ministry. I have been inspired by my classmates that are way younger than me but are passionate are about people, ministry, and the Lord. I will even miss the discipline of studying and preparing. (yikes, did I really just type that?)

I am looking forward to what's ahead. I don't really know what it is, exactly, and the not-knowing if frightening. However, I have such a sense of anticipation that's a good and comforting feeling. I am comforted because I know that God knows and even though I don't know, it's ok. In fact, it's probably better this way.

Serving the King,


Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Countdown - 13 days

I love it how the body of Christ works together when each person is doing what they're good at doing. My friends Joey and Mary are th' bomb! They each have the gift of servanthood and Joey is one talented cook. He just knows how to cook really good food for hundreds of people. So, our Student Ministry had their dinner theater this weekend and Joey and Mary were in charge of food. BBQ -- yum, yum! Johnny and I attended the show Friday night but tonight we worked in the kitchen. It was crazy at times with big rushes and then times when things slowed down. All in all it was all a great success.We were big on dinner and short on theater, however. The show was side-splitting funny but not theatrical at all! There was an improv team from one of our local high schools and then a walk thru the decades of pop music with some way hilarious skits to go along. There was some dancin' and acting -- even by some kids with my same last name -- that just about had me howlin'.

The big news of the day, however, is that we went to the animal shelter and played with some puppies. I have a feeling one will be making the Dickersons his (or her) family real soon! I got a little teary when we were there. That's where I first met the best dog ever, Jot.

No rest for the weary -- I am trying to estimate how many teenagers are in my house right now. I think 17 and my oldest is not even here. Some are watching a movie downstairs and some are upstairs playing Rock Band. They have spent the last 2 nights together at church doing the dinner theater. They're learning at an early age how to worship, learn, and serve together and they just wanna hang together -- I love it!

Serving the King,


Friday, April 25, 2008

The Countdown - 14 days

Graduation is two weeks from today. Today, however, I spent doing momma duty. When we lived in West Texas I was the queen of PTA and volunteering at the kids' school. I have done very little of that since we moved to Mansfield. The schools here are huge and it's been a little more difficult to get involved. (maybe I haven't tried as hard...) Our high school has a big "after prom" party so I've been trying to get involved in the school by helping with that. One of our fundraisers is selling cookies during lunch at the high school. So, today I went to the school to bake, package, and sell cookies for about 3 hours. I'm glad I went. I got to see some kids I know, including one I gave birth to, and I actually did eat a cookie (or two) as well. I also got to talk to some other moms about high school related stuff. I feel so much smarter now. Really! I gotta get the info however I can because it's like pulling teeth to get any information out of my senior. Good thing I was there, too, because after today the after prom party tickets go up by $5 each -- I just saved $10 because if I had not bought those tickets today they would not have been bought!! (does that sentence make any sense??)

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Countdown - 17 days

Really, the title of this blog should be "What influences you?" but I just cannot get away from the countdown...

So, this is what I want to know -- what in the media influences you? Whether it's the BOGO commercial that compels you to buy one so you can get one 1/2 off, the grocery store ads with the specials of the week, or something else, I want to know. Also, what Internet sites do you frequent, what magazines do you buy, what TV shows do you watch?

For instance, I read Rachel Ray's magazine and that does, I must say, influence my grocery shopping and dinner menu. What about you??

(This really is for a purpose so please, please leave a comment!!)

Thanks for your help!


UPDATED QUESTION - Thanks so much for all your replies! I obviously had shopping on the brain (BOGO & grocery store ads??) when I typed this original post but after reading my daughter's comment I want to revise the question and STILL need your replies - What in the culture influences you? (I just might add that I did BOGO the day my Jot died. My friends M & D said I should. It only supplied a momentary relief to my sorrow but I do have 2 pair of cute summer shoes!!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Countdown - 19 days

Finally, a day that begins with a one!! Nineteen days until graduation. I think my class I teach on Sunday mornings will be so glad (and, perhaps the readers of my blog if there are any left after all this self-indulgence) so they can stop hearing about it!

We were having lunch with some friends today after church and the conversation at the ADULT table (not the kid/teenager table) was about video games. I had to laugh but it reminded me about my great accomplishment that I totally forgot to post on my blog -- on Thursday night Johnny and I were playing Rock Band with our sons and I got 100%, AWESOME on singing "More Than a Feeling." As I was bragging at lunch, my friend Mary leaned over and said, "You're almost ready for American Idol." Despite the fact that I am well over the age limit, I am not quite American Idol material. I don't even think David, our worship pastor, would let me up on the platform with a microphone. But, in my mind and on Rock Band I am rockin'.

Blessings to ya,


Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Countdown - 20 days

Less than 3 weeks until graduation! Johnny and I are back from our conference -- refreshed, renewed and full of new ideas. Well, I was refreshed and renewed until I spent the last 4 hours since we got home in the yard. We had a horrible storm here Thursday night with lots of hail. Our pool overflowed and our yard was a mess.

I was in the shower yesterday before we left thinking about how (and if) my Life Group lesson for tomorrow intersected with my OT research paper. (Is that an odd thought process to have in the shower??) The lesson tomorrow is on David's sin with Bathsheba. My research paper was on 1 Samuel 3, God's call of Samuel. When David is confronted with Nathan the prophet about his sin (the sentence that chills me because I have been guilty too - "you are the man!" from 2 Samuel 12:7) God sends this message to David -- "I (God) have given you everything you have even the position of King of Israel. And you know what? If it wasn't enough, I would have given you more. BUT, you didn't value the things I gave you." (My extremely loose translation of 2 Samuel 12:8 & beginning of 9) Nathan goes on to tell David what the consequences of his sin would be. Reminds me a little of Eli in 1 Sam. 3. He was the priest and in a position of spiritual authority. He didn't value the things of God the way he should have. His sons could have followed in his footsteps and continued to be leaders of the people. But, no, they were disobedient and despised the things of God and ended up dead. God gave the message of judgment for Eli to Samuel and Samuel relayed the consequences to Eli.

Here's where the stories intersect, I think. God's purposes will be accomplished on the earth. He is sovereign. He is looking for the faithful to use -- not because He needs to but because He wants to pour out His blessings. If one will not do it, God will find one that will.

I want to be the one.

Serving the King,


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Countdown - 22 days

...and the end is in sight. I am down to only 3 assignments/projects and finals. Whew! BTW, thanks to all my friends that have asked about how I am or said sorry about Jot. I was way more attached to that dog than I thought! Josh was gone earlier in the week (the prison visit) and today he came home for lunch and no one was home. When he came home later from work he said he was sad because he usually ate with Jot when no one else was home -- it was his first day to eat alone. Weird, how we were so crazy about that dog and used to him being around.

Johnny and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Austin for a conference. Me and Johnny and no one else overnight for a conference... Yep, lookin' forward to it!

Serving the King,


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Countdown - 23 days

The countdown continues. I am graduating with my master's degree in 23 days. Amazing that I've had this privilege. Truly, I'm in awe. It's more than just the graduating but it's how I can see God's work in the history of my life leading to this point. All the things that I have learned, observed, and experienced have prepared me for what's ahead. It's really scary, I might add, and way overwhelming. Johnny and I are seeking God's face about starting a nonprofit organization. I think this is where He's leading and pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Back to reality, though. First I've got to get through the next 23 days. I still have assignments that are due, finals that I have to take...

Josh has been gone this week taking a field trip to our state prison. Yeah, the kind of senior trip everyone wants to take! He wants to major in Criminal Justice and he was really excited about the trip. We were glad for him to have the opportunity. However, we could not help but think about how this was a mini-picture of how our life will be in just a few short months. Only four plates at the dinner table. Just two kids at home to ask about homework and schedules. The door to his room closed with no one going in and out.

Lots of changes up ahead, but:

The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty;
The Lord hs clothed and girded Himself with strength;
Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved.
Psalm 93:1
Serving the King,

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Tribute to Jot

Who even cares about the stinkin' countdown -- my dog is dead. I left for our women's retreat on Friday and I knew he wasn't feeling good, but I just though it was something he ate and I left him out in the backyard. It was something he ate but it was much more serious than I thought...

I'm gonna miss my dog, Jot. I will miss his lopsided ears -- one ear up and one ear down. I will miss stepping over his big body lying in my way while I am trying to cook dinner. I will miss the way he followed me around the house and always was near me no matter what I was doing. I will miss the way he laid at the top of the stairs once the kids got home so he could see what was going on both upstairs and downstairs. I will miss the way he and I both knew when Jacob was home everyday because we heard the squeaky brakes of the bus. He always ran to the front door so when I opened it he could go out and greet Jacob. I will miss the way he always ran to the backdoor when I said, "Jot, time to go to bed." He ALWAYS went outside, then back inside to the laundry room where he slept every night. Just in the last couple of weeks he was reluctant to go in. And, he would NOT go in if the dryer was on. I will miss taking him to the park or Joe Pool lake. He loved to be off his leash so he could run, explore, and sniff around. When he needed to get back on his leash he would always come back to me when I called. Will I ever even want to go to the park again without him? I will miss the fun of throwing his toy upstairs and how he bounded up to find it and then he hurried back down so we could play some more...

Who will keep me company when everyone else is gone to school or work? Who will bark when someone is at the door and intimidate them with his fierce sounding bark though he wouldn't hurt a flea? He hated to have his collar off and he would never run away. He knew who loved him and he loved back -- I know he did.

Dang it, I'm gonna miss that dog...

In mourning,


Friday, April 11, 2008

The Countdown - 28 days

Four weeks from today at this very time I will be waiting anxiously in my cap and gown on the lawn in front of the rotunda for graduation to begin. My NT prof must have seen my name on the graduation list because yesterday he asked me about graduation. I happened to be walking into class at the same time as he was and he said something about being done for a while. I responded that this is it for me -- it's time for me to be done. I will miss Dr. Taylor's class, however. When he reads the NT in class he's looking at Greek and reading outloud in English, for goodness sakes!! I am completely impressed!

4 weeks and counting - Jeanette

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Countdown - 29 days

Check out the below video. I missed the show last night but the finale was quite the buzz today. The words of the song have been changed a bit (the name of Jesus removed) but I think it was still quite awesome.

29 days and counting....Jeanette

Shout to The Lord American Idols on Idol Gives Back

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Countdown - 30 days

Four weeks and two days until graduation. I just about had a panic attack today while I was working on my semester project for NT. My laptop shut down unexpectedly and I thought the whole thing would be gone...hours and hours of work. Thankfully, somehow beyond my understanding, when I restarted the computer the program restored it. (or whatever it's called -- I am just glad it was there)

In two days is our women's retreat. The timing could not be better. Tonight was a warm-up for the retreat. I was in the kitchen doing my usual Wednesday night duty. We had Chick-fil-A (yum!) tonight so there was very little clean-up. After we closed the big metal window and all the males left the kitchen there were seven of us left. We talked about a wide range of topics and I have to say I just about laughed my head off. It was so great! I am leading a "break-out" session on Saturday morning and have been studying Acts 2:40-47 today in preparation. The text is about the early days of the early Christian church. Scripture says, "they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." (Acts 2:42) Gathering together for prayer and Bible study are essential, I think, in the life of Christians. Sometimes fellowshipping can be mighty important, however. It is so good to laugh and know that your sisters are experiencing the same things you are... they get it.

BTW, my son couldn't believe I texted the word "groovy" to a friend today. He said nobody says that word anymore. Am I the only one?

Serving the King,


Monday, April 7, 2008

The Countdown - 32 days

Only 32 days until graduation. After today there are only four more Mondays of my entire seminary career. One of those is the final exam day for Monday classes. I will miss talking to the young women I have met at school. I went over to the student center between my 1st and 2nd class to get a beverage and sat at a table for a minute and one of the young women came over for a short chat. She works at the seminary and she said she proofed my name on the graduation list!! My name is on the list. Then I saw two of the girls from my 2nd class and they were giggling. It seems one just broke up with a guy. They asked me if you "just know" when you meet Mr. Right. This is what I told them -- while I was in college I had three roommates that all had serious boyfriends. They all are married to those guys now. I was always the oddball. I would ask my roommates how they knew the guy they were dating was the one they would marry. They would all answer, "You just know." That was ridiculous to me at the time. Then, I met Johnny. We were engaged only 5 weeks after we met. After just a few days I just knew. Crazy, I know, but it's lasted 20 years!! In fact, Johnny is my very best friend and I would rather be with him than any other person on the face of the planet.

Just 32 more days, baby!! Jeanette

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Countdown - 34 days

Only thirty-four days until graduation. That's less than 5 weeks -- 5 weeks from yesterday, to be exact. I just found out yesterday that graduation will be held outdoors this year. It will be at 9:00 am on a Friday morning. I will be wearing a black robe outside in Texas in May. I will be thankful for 9:00 am. I must wear a skirt that is not longer than the robe and dark shoes. Who will know if I have on shorts? (jk)

I may be a little delirious right now. I had Cold Stone for lunch. Yes, I had ice cream for lunch. We had guys and girls weekend. Johnny and sons took the Wildwood out and Jess and I went to a hotel and shopping. And that's why I had ice cream for lunch.

Here's one thing about hanging out with Jess - which I loved, by the way - she likes country & western music. I think there must be a bazillion c&w songs about kids growing up, guys stealing daddy's little girl, making the most of now because you're gonna miss this time when it's gone, and the importance of people/valuing people. Time is flying by and I don't know how to make it slow down. Is there a way? We've been talking about college an awful lot because we're in the middle of applying for scholarships/financial aid. It's not just Johnny and me - the siblings are not looking forward to Josh leaving either. Which is good that they are going to miss him but sad at how much our life is about to change.

As I'm counting the days until my graduation and wanting that day to be here, I'm not counting the days until Josh's graduation and not wanting that day to be here. Is that the strangest thing? I simply do not know what the future holds. I feel expectant, but uncertain. Excited, but apprehensive.


Serving the King,


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Countdown - 37 days

I never go to Fort Worth on Wednesdays yet there I was today, at the library with a whole stack of commentaries and monographs on the OT book of 1 Samuel for my research paper. I even went downstairs and read a journal article. And, I checked out a book. The young man behind the desk asked me for my ID. I handed it to him and at first he looked up and said the computer asked something about a new user. Ok, I have to admit, I have not made that many trips to the library (everything is online these days!) and I have not checked out hardly any books, but I am NOT a new user. In fact, I said to him, "I'm not new, I'm graduating. I'm old." In more ways than one...

Isn't there an unwritten rule about library etiquette? Like, no talking in the library? Where's the little lady with her hair up in a bun telling people to "shhh"? Oh, it's a new generation. My fellow students TALK in the library. Their cellphones go off and play NSync music. (no lying, that happened today!) And, they answer their phones and talk! Oh boy, I do sound old. So, I took my Ipod. I would rather listen to my tunes than the talking...I think with music, I can't think with voices. I was jammin' to some NewsBoys and reading commentaries and articles on 1 samuel 3.

To change the subject -- I came home from my weekly workin' in the kitchen night -- Melissa (our faithful leader) wasn't there tonight so we had to manage without her. We did fine once we got it all together. Pizza and Frito Pie tonight. -- in time to watch American Idol. I must admit I was a little nervous when Brooke White (my favorite gal) got put in the bottom three. She ended up being safe but the coolest part of the night was DOLLY PARTON! She sang a song about Jesus and Gravity. Jesus really is, after all, all you really need.

Keep me grounded, Sweet Jesus. Only 37 more days...Jeanette

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Countdown - 38 days

I am counting the days until graduation. Little else matters right now. Yes, there are other things going on in my life. Who has time to think on those things, however? The laundry will still be dirty in 38 days. The baseboards of the house will still be dusty. The weeds in the backyard will be 3 feet high and no flowers will yet be planted. But, in 38 days I will graduate. I will have my master's degree and I will be done with school forever and ever....and ever and ever. Did you get that I wrote that I will be done with school forever and ever? I can hardly imagine what I will do with my time. I can hardly imagine not reading pages and pages and pages and pages of theological books. Really, I like reading theological books but not under compulsion. Between this semester and last I purchased FOUR DICTIONARIES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT. Why would one even need to own FOUR different dictionaries on the New Testament? If you need to know ANYTHING on any subject relating to the New Testament really, contact me. I have four dictionaries...I can find the answer. I just finished my NT research paper. I chose to write an exegesis of Galatians 5:1-7. The paper is ok - not the best paper I ever wrote. The topic was fascinating and I will never read the passage the same. One down, one to go -- my OT research paper is due Monday. MONDAY! Sigh...back to work. only 38 more days...

and counting, Jeanette