Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Countdown - 13 days

I love it how the body of Christ works together when each person is doing what they're good at doing. My friends Joey and Mary are th' bomb! They each have the gift of servanthood and Joey is one talented cook. He just knows how to cook really good food for hundreds of people. So, our Student Ministry had their dinner theater this weekend and Joey and Mary were in charge of food. BBQ -- yum, yum! Johnny and I attended the show Friday night but tonight we worked in the kitchen. It was crazy at times with big rushes and then times when things slowed down. All in all it was all a great success.We were big on dinner and short on theater, however. The show was side-splitting funny but not theatrical at all! There was an improv team from one of our local high schools and then a walk thru the decades of pop music with some way hilarious skits to go along. There was some dancin' and acting -- even by some kids with my same last name -- that just about had me howlin'.

The big news of the day, however, is that we went to the animal shelter and played with some puppies. I have a feeling one will be making the Dickersons his (or her) family real soon! I got a little teary when we were there. That's where I first met the best dog ever, Jot.

No rest for the weary -- I am trying to estimate how many teenagers are in my house right now. I think 17 and my oldest is not even here. Some are watching a movie downstairs and some are upstairs playing Rock Band. They have spent the last 2 nights together at church doing the dinner theater. They're learning at an early age how to worship, learn, and serve together and they just wanna hang together -- I love it!

Serving the King,


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