Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Countdown - 20 days

Less than 3 weeks until graduation! Johnny and I are back from our conference -- refreshed, renewed and full of new ideas. Well, I was refreshed and renewed until I spent the last 4 hours since we got home in the yard. We had a horrible storm here Thursday night with lots of hail. Our pool overflowed and our yard was a mess.

I was in the shower yesterday before we left thinking about how (and if) my Life Group lesson for tomorrow intersected with my OT research paper. (Is that an odd thought process to have in the shower??) The lesson tomorrow is on David's sin with Bathsheba. My research paper was on 1 Samuel 3, God's call of Samuel. When David is confronted with Nathan the prophet about his sin (the sentence that chills me because I have been guilty too - "you are the man!" from 2 Samuel 12:7) God sends this message to David -- "I (God) have given you everything you have even the position of King of Israel. And you know what? If it wasn't enough, I would have given you more. BUT, you didn't value the things I gave you." (My extremely loose translation of 2 Samuel 12:8 & beginning of 9) Nathan goes on to tell David what the consequences of his sin would be. Reminds me a little of Eli in 1 Sam. 3. He was the priest and in a position of spiritual authority. He didn't value the things of God the way he should have. His sons could have followed in his footsteps and continued to be leaders of the people. But, no, they were disobedient and despised the things of God and ended up dead. God gave the message of judgment for Eli to Samuel and Samuel relayed the consequences to Eli.

Here's where the stories intersect, I think. God's purposes will be accomplished on the earth. He is sovereign. He is looking for the faithful to use -- not because He needs to but because He wants to pour out His blessings. If one will not do it, God will find one that will.

I want to be the one.

Serving the King,


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