Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Countdown - 34 days

Only thirty-four days until graduation. That's less than 5 weeks -- 5 weeks from yesterday, to be exact. I just found out yesterday that graduation will be held outdoors this year. It will be at 9:00 am on a Friday morning. I will be wearing a black robe outside in Texas in May. I will be thankful for 9:00 am. I must wear a skirt that is not longer than the robe and dark shoes. Who will know if I have on shorts? (jk)

I may be a little delirious right now. I had Cold Stone for lunch. Yes, I had ice cream for lunch. We had guys and girls weekend. Johnny and sons took the Wildwood out and Jess and I went to a hotel and shopping. And that's why I had ice cream for lunch.

Here's one thing about hanging out with Jess - which I loved, by the way - she likes country & western music. I think there must be a bazillion c&w songs about kids growing up, guys stealing daddy's little girl, making the most of now because you're gonna miss this time when it's gone, and the importance of people/valuing people. Time is flying by and I don't know how to make it slow down. Is there a way? We've been talking about college an awful lot because we're in the middle of applying for scholarships/financial aid. It's not just Johnny and me - the siblings are not looking forward to Josh leaving either. Which is good that they are going to miss him but sad at how much our life is about to change.

As I'm counting the days until my graduation and wanting that day to be here, I'm not counting the days until Josh's graduation and not wanting that day to be here. Is that the strangest thing? I simply do not know what the future holds. I feel expectant, but uncertain. Excited, but apprehensive.


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