Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Countdown - 37 days

I never go to Fort Worth on Wednesdays yet there I was today, at the library with a whole stack of commentaries and monographs on the OT book of 1 Samuel for my research paper. I even went downstairs and read a journal article. And, I checked out a book. The young man behind the desk asked me for my ID. I handed it to him and at first he looked up and said the computer asked something about a new user. Ok, I have to admit, I have not made that many trips to the library (everything is online these days!) and I have not checked out hardly any books, but I am NOT a new user. In fact, I said to him, "I'm not new, I'm graduating. I'm old." In more ways than one...

Isn't there an unwritten rule about library etiquette? Like, no talking in the library? Where's the little lady with her hair up in a bun telling people to "shhh"? Oh, it's a new generation. My fellow students TALK in the library. Their cellphones go off and play NSync music. (no lying, that happened today!) And, they answer their phones and talk! Oh boy, I do sound old. So, I took my Ipod. I would rather listen to my tunes than the talking...I think with music, I can't think with voices. I was jammin' to some NewsBoys and reading commentaries and articles on 1 samuel 3.

To change the subject -- I came home from my weekly workin' in the kitchen night -- Melissa (our faithful leader) wasn't there tonight so we had to manage without her. We did fine once we got it all together. Pizza and Frito Pie tonight. -- in time to watch American Idol. I must admit I was a little nervous when Brooke White (my favorite gal) got put in the bottom three. She ended up being safe but the coolest part of the night was DOLLY PARTON! She sang a song about Jesus and Gravity. Jesus really is, after all, all you really need.

Keep me grounded, Sweet Jesus. Only 37 more days...Jeanette

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