Friday, April 25, 2008

The Countdown - 14 days

Graduation is two weeks from today. Today, however, I spent doing momma duty. When we lived in West Texas I was the queen of PTA and volunteering at the kids' school. I have done very little of that since we moved to Mansfield. The schools here are huge and it's been a little more difficult to get involved. (maybe I haven't tried as hard...) Our high school has a big "after prom" party so I've been trying to get involved in the school by helping with that. One of our fundraisers is selling cookies during lunch at the high school. So, today I went to the school to bake, package, and sell cookies for about 3 hours. I'm glad I went. I got to see some kids I know, including one I gave birth to, and I actually did eat a cookie (or two) as well. I also got to talk to some other moms about high school related stuff. I feel so much smarter now. Really! I gotta get the info however I can because it's like pulling teeth to get any information out of my senior. Good thing I was there, too, because after today the after prom party tickets go up by $5 each -- I just saved $10 because if I had not bought those tickets today they would not have been bought!! (does that sentence make any sense??)

Happy Friday!


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