Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Day in Peru

By this time tomorrow, at least according to my itinerary, I will be on my way back home to Mansfield, Texas, in the USA. Truly, the greatest place to live! I am more thankful every time I set foot on foreign soil that my home is in Texas. Even more than that, my citizenship is in heaven and my rests in that fact!

What a week I have had since the last time I posted. The trip up into the Andes was quite an experience. The village where we stayed was at about 10,200 - 10,400 feet. The road up is not paved but a gravel road winding up the mountain. The people live in adobe houses, for the most part. The place where we stayed - the girls' room was a storage room (I am not exaggerating!) - had a tin roof and you could see daylight between the walls and the roof. Yes, it was mighty cold at night! I didn't sleep well at all on my air mattress and in my sleeping bag. Particularly the night we were awaken by an EARTHQUAKE! For real! It scared me but not so much that I got out of my warm bed!

The people in the village were extremely friendly and open. They live in harsh conditions and in a way that is hard to imagine. We played with some children every afternoon - pato, pato, gonzo or, duck, duck, goose to English speakers! Our translator was also able to tell a Bible story and we tried some songs as well. 

Well, it's time to go to Starbucks so I'll be back later! Yeah, Starbucks in Peru!! ha!

Serving the King,


Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day in Peru

We arrived last night here in Peru. We are staying in a suburb of Lima called Miraflores. It's like a city of  its own with tall buildings. There's Chilis, TGIF, Tony Romas, and Starbucks within walking distance of our hotel. We will be here one more night before he head up into the Andes Mtns. Today we have been prepping for tomorrow. We had to go to a grocery this morning - that was quite an experience! Because I am with people who have been here a few times before they know all good places to eat. We had a very delicious lunch at a place called San Antonios. I had a sandwich called Madia Luna (half moon!) that was piled with cheese and meat, and, get this, a boiled egg. I know, I know, it sounds odd but it was oddly delicious! 

The rest of the day, I think, will be spent packing up stuff to go and in team meetings.

Gotta run! Jeanette

Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost Game Time

Ok, not a game, but I am leaving for the airport in under 4 hours and, per the norm for me, I cannot sleep. I was wide awake at 2:45 am realizing that I forgot to ask my daughter how to get on Skype on my notebook. I checked out some reviews on our hotel while we are in Lima and, apparently, there is internet access so I am glad about that. For the days we are up in the mountains, however, there will not be any communication with the outside world.

I wish I had brushed up on my Spanish skills. While I was in Venezuela a few years ago I learned - cafe con leche, por favor.  What else does one need? And, apparently, there's Starbucks not too far from the hotel!

For real, I can't think of anything else to type. I should try to sleep for the hour and 45 minutes until my alarm goes off. If you read this in the next 10 days, pray for us. Pray for the people we will encounter in Peru to be open to hearing and receiving the Gospel message. And, pray for my family while I am away. Thanks so much for your faithfulness to pray!

Serving the King,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Anniversary

One year ago today my grandmother, Great Granny to my kids, went to be with Jesus. She was ready. She wanted to go. A few weeks before she went to her eternal home I spent a few hours with her in the hospice care room where she spent the last weeks of her earthly life.  She was not conscious at all while I was there. In fact, I stayed with her because my mom and her siblings were making funeral arrangements and they did not want her to be alone. Whether she was aware of my presence or not, it was a great blessing to me. I talked to her and reminisced about all the great times I had with her.  I'm thinking about her today.

One thing about my life and heritage is that I had some godly grandparents. They were all active and involved in their churches and modeled Christian behavior and lifestyle before me, my brothers,  and my cousins. I am amazed at how I have seen my cousins - on both sides of my family - follow in those footsteps. I am particularly amazed since I am flying to Peru in 2 days and I have been corresponding via facebook with my cousin's daughter. This young women (freshly graduated from DBU) is now living in Peru and working in an orphanage. She knew she would be a missionary from the time she was a little girl. Her mom, my cousin, is also on her way to Peru the same day I am - although we are not on the same flight, darn it!

So, hey, if you haven't told a grandparent today that you love 'em - go do it! Make sure they know how they have been a blessing in your life!

Serving the King,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Total Silence

My house is completely quiet this morning. I don't hear a single thing. Our neighbor has been putting a pool in and not only has it made my dog completely frantic but it hasn't been quiet for weeks. Johnny is out-of-town at his LifeWay trustee meeting and the kids, of course, are at school. And there's quiet, sweet quiet.

I am leaving in 3 days for Peru. I covet your prayers for me and the rest of the folks going on our trip. We will fly into Lima and then head up into the Andes Mountains to do evangelism and discipleship. I'm not sure where we are going and, more importantly, where we will be staying once up in the mountains. Can I just let you know that I am packing a sleeping bag and an air mattress? And hiking boots. Yeah, you know I like camping but I don't usually do that on a mission trip!

Meanwhile, Jessica got her 1st college acceptance letter yesterday. Yes, I did tear up. Yes, I did tell her she could stay home for one more year - not at all meaning it seriously or thinking she would take me up on it! I'm so proud of her and am waiting patiently to see where God leads her to go to school next year. Though Johnny and I are hoping for one particular university where her brother attends and that is not too far from home, I really feel confident that Jess will follow God's leadership. And I'll be cool with that!

Serving the King,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stormy Weather

Well, it seems we are experiencing the effects of Tropical Storm Hermine here in North Texas. Yes, the automated weather alert woke us up with a phone call around 4:45 am or so and I was unable to go back to sleep. The early morning wake-up call and the dreary weather may necessitate a nap for me this afternoon. Not that I have time for napping, mind you, as I am leaving for Peru in a week and 2 days and I still have work to do before I can go.

The wind is whipping around outside and the pool is overflowing. Water is flooding the street and the neighbor's preschool daughter was out playing in the water for a while. Oh, the days when my kids loved to play out in the rain... Actually, they might still like to but it is a school day, after all.

The thing about storms is that they are temporary. Sometimes it takes a while to get over them and the damage they may have caused but, eventually, the sun will come out and everything will be all right. I like the assurance that the One who made the Creation is not surprised by Tropical Storm Hermine anymore than He is surprised by emotional or relational storms. He is still in control when circumstances around us dare to make us wonder. I like that I can count on Him and know that He is faithful.

Even in the storm.

Serving the King,


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

What a gloriously cool, lazy, quiet Saturday morning around our house.  I've had an amazing and interesting week. Johnny put our travel trailer, the Wildwood, out at the lake so I could enjoy the great outdoors and get some work done on my writing assignment. For those that know us, know we love, love camping. Put my travel trailer just about anywhere and I am happy. I had the campground almost to myself for the first part of the week. Then the holiday campers started moving in and we moved out. For the better part of 3 days I enjoyed solitude and nature and being free of distractions - you know, those pesky things like laundry, house cleaning, the phone ringing, work...

I like the sound of God's voice in nature. No, I didn't hear Him speak to me audibly this week but I know He speaks through His creation. Romans 1:20 - "From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what He has made." The sound of leaves blowing in the wind - is that the sound of the creation applauding the Creator? I imagine that it is. Isaiah 55:12 (in part) - "and all the tress of the field will clap their hands."

And then back to reality and routine. Which, for us in the great state of Texas, means Friday night high school football. Jessica is one of the new mascots for our school and it was the first night out for the new mascot costume. (is that what one would call the mascot get-up? LOL) Our team won. And today - laundry and cleaning and yard work. But, Monday is a holiday - woohoo, we could already use a break after only 2 weeks of school! I hope you have big plans to enjoy the day!

Serving the King,