Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day in Peru

We arrived last night here in Peru. We are staying in a suburb of Lima called Miraflores. It's like a city of  its own with tall buildings. There's Chilis, TGIF, Tony Romas, and Starbucks within walking distance of our hotel. We will be here one more night before he head up into the Andes Mtns. Today we have been prepping for tomorrow. We had to go to a grocery this morning - that was quite an experience! Because I am with people who have been here a few times before they know all good places to eat. We had a very delicious lunch at a place called San Antonios. I had a sandwich called Madia Luna (half moon!) that was piled with cheese and meat, and, get this, a boiled egg. I know, I know, it sounds odd but it was oddly delicious! 

The rest of the day, I think, will be spent packing up stuff to go and in team meetings.

Gotta run! Jeanette

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