Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Anniversary

One year ago today my grandmother, Great Granny to my kids, went to be with Jesus. She was ready. She wanted to go. A few weeks before she went to her eternal home I spent a few hours with her in the hospice care room where she spent the last weeks of her earthly life.  She was not conscious at all while I was there. In fact, I stayed with her because my mom and her siblings were making funeral arrangements and they did not want her to be alone. Whether she was aware of my presence or not, it was a great blessing to me. I talked to her and reminisced about all the great times I had with her.  I'm thinking about her today.

One thing about my life and heritage is that I had some godly grandparents. They were all active and involved in their churches and modeled Christian behavior and lifestyle before me, my brothers,  and my cousins. I am amazed at how I have seen my cousins - on both sides of my family - follow in those footsteps. I am particularly amazed since I am flying to Peru in 2 days and I have been corresponding via facebook with my cousin's daughter. This young women (freshly graduated from DBU) is now living in Peru and working in an orphanage. She knew she would be a missionary from the time she was a little girl. Her mom, my cousin, is also on her way to Peru the same day I am - although we are not on the same flight, darn it!

So, hey, if you haven't told a grandparent today that you love 'em - go do it! Make sure they know how they have been a blessing in your life!

Serving the King,


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