Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Day in Peru

By this time tomorrow, at least according to my itinerary, I will be on my way back home to Mansfield, Texas, in the USA. Truly, the greatest place to live! I am more thankful every time I set foot on foreign soil that my home is in Texas. Even more than that, my citizenship is in heaven and my rests in that fact!

What a week I have had since the last time I posted. The trip up into the Andes was quite an experience. The village where we stayed was at about 10,200 - 10,400 feet. The road up is not paved but a gravel road winding up the mountain. The people live in adobe houses, for the most part. The place where we stayed - the girls' room was a storage room (I am not exaggerating!) - had a tin roof and you could see daylight between the walls and the roof. Yes, it was mighty cold at night! I didn't sleep well at all on my air mattress and in my sleeping bag. Particularly the night we were awaken by an EARTHQUAKE! For real! It scared me but not so much that I got out of my warm bed!

The people in the village were extremely friendly and open. They live in harsh conditions and in a way that is hard to imagine. We played with some children every afternoon - pato, pato, gonzo or, duck, duck, goose to English speakers! Our translator was also able to tell a Bible story and we tried some songs as well. 

Well, it's time to go to Starbucks so I'll be back later! Yeah, Starbucks in Peru!! ha!

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