Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking a Breath

I arrived home late, late Monday night (after plane trouble & delay in Miami) and hit the ground running Tuesday morning. It's almost 4 pm on Saturday and I feel like it's the first time I have taken it easy since arriving home. I'm not really complaining, that's what mommas do. I finally finished my LifeWay writing assignment and emailed it off to my editor. Yes, yes, I procrastinated and still had work to do after I got home from Peru. I often say that late is the story of my life. It's done, though. Well, except the part that is due November 1st. Don't worry, I will safely have it done by October 31st!

It's homecoming weekend for our high school. I received an email while in Lima telling me that Jessica would be in the queen's court and a nominee for homecoming queen. It was fun for Johnny to walk her out on the field last night at the game. Tonight is the homecoming celebration (what the private school calls a dance). Since Jessica is President of the Student Council we had some decorations to get together today and I made brownies. Then there's Jacob. He didn't come home last night but stayed at a friend's house. He called a little bit ago and asked me to bring him clothes for the party. Picking out a shirt for Jacob over the phone proved to be a frustrating task. I finally got off the phone with him and asked Jessica what he should wear. She picked a few things and Johnny has gone to let him see which one he wants to wear. I got his drivers' ed packet in the mail the other day...needless to say, I'm ready for him to be driving. Then he can take care of picking his own shirt!

Well, I think I'll go watch some college football. I missed it the last 2 weekends. My Baylor Bears killed Kansas today and right now OU is ahead in the big Red River rivalry.

I'm just glad to say, I'm home, sweet home!

Serving the King,


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Anonymous said...

So did Jessica get Homecoming Queen? We missed y'all at the pregnancy center banquet last night, but totally understand! There was over $498,000 pledged! God is good!

Kathy Wilshire