Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is Finally Here in North Texas

I'm just taking a short little break this afternoon and sitting on the couch watching a little Texas Rangers baseball. (yes, Kathy, go Rangers! and, no, she didn't get homecoming queen - thanks for asking!) We are up 6-0 in the 7th inning with 1 out. Yes, those Rangers won yesterday and maybe it's a little too early to hope for a sweep...

I've been working all day on the women's conference in India. I always feel a little stressed about it. The culture and lifestyle varies so much from what we experience here at home. Yet, God's Word is still truth and is timeless and fits into any culture. (2 outs and Jacob wants to try some homemade broccoli soup I made for his snack today!)

The weather is pretty close to perfect right now. The temps are really nice. (3 outs, 8th inning and Jacob said the soup is actually really good) I sorted my clothes the other day and pulled out my sweaters and put my tank tops and summer clothes in the top of my closet. It's fun to do that because it seems like I have all new clothes - not really new, I just haven't seen them in a few months. Of course, I didn't put up all the hot weather clothes because it will still be stinking hot in India in November!

Well, break is over. I know, already, right? (bottom of the 8th, 2 outs - go Rangers!!)

Serving the King,


(end of 8th, no score change)

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