Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Other Side

I feel like I can breathe today. For too many days, months really, I've been trying to spin too many plates. You know, holding sticks high above one's head and keeping the plates going simultaneously. The fact is, I'm not a good plate spinner. I don't multi-task well. I'm easily distracted by the unimportant details and they begin to consume me more than the big stuff. The important things take a backseat to the insignificant. I don't like it when I'm so looking forward to something being past that I don't relish the present. These days are far too precious not to take advantage of every single moment.

I don't know about you but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what's important and what's insignificant. When a women's ministry event is upon us, the kind of cake we'll order seems like an important consideration. Really - my friend ordering the cakes just emailed me this morning that the flavor of the month is peanut butter. Having peanut butter bundt cake sounds pretty amazing. I really am joking about that (sort of) but these are the things that distract me.

How embarrassing to admit that. Especially since we had our world hunger emphasis just last weekend. What a marvelous day to see almost 400 volunteers packaging over 128,000 meals for the starving - scooping beans, rice, soy, and vitamins into little bags and realizing that each bag feeds 6 people. And I'm worried about eating peanut butter cake. That's shameful.

But I feel like today I'm on the other side. One season is coming to a close so that I might focus on what's ahead. Not just ahead in the weeks and months but what's ahead in the next moment. My desire is to be open to the things God puts before me and to be able to discern His leading from other's expectations or my own aspirations.

I'm glad for change and thankful for renewal. I can't help but welcome the new season but will be mindful of the things that got me into the last. I'm breathing deeply today from the truth of God's Word and am blessed that is washes over fresh and new even though it's ancient text. The Holy Scriptures, the God-breathed words, are life. Especially for me on the other side.

Serving the King,