Thursday, February 28, 2008

The 70's Music

The last 2 nights have been 70's music night on American Idol. (I don't think I've ever revealed on this blog before that I am a reality show junkie.) I really love DVR because I can fast-forward through all the commercials and any part I don't want to watch (like at the end of the performance where the contestant stands beside Ryan Seacrest and he tells the phone number for the bazillionth time and the contestant holds up the appropriate number of fingers to go with their phone number) and just watch the singing and what the judges have to say. I grew up on 70's music and so it's been fun watching. What's funny about the whole thing is that my kids like some of the music Johnny and I grew up listening to. (I blogged about that a little last summer.) It just strikes me as funny. We just bought Josh a new iPod for his 18th birthday. It is really cool! Jacob also got an iPod for Christmas and Johnny bought one, too. So, this morning before school, Johnny, Josh, and Jacob were sitting on the couch together in front of the laptop. Our kids share an iTunes account with us so they were looking through the music library -- some classic rock -- and the boys were helping dad add some of their music (which was really his music way before they were even born) to his library since he didn't know how to do it yet. There they were, 2 generations -- old music, new technology. Funny...

Smilin' as I'm thinking about the mental picture I have of the 3 of them sitting there together... Jeanette

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today is son #1's (number one in birth order, not because he's favored) 18th birthday. Wow! I can hardly believe it. I want to write a long blog today about all that he means to me but, instead, I am working on my NT take-home mid-term exam. No time for gushy thoughts about the day he was born, how he seemed to be bonded with his dad from the very beginning. No time to write about the exasperation we felt on numerous occasions as we met with his school teachers -- one of which I became very good friends with because I talked to her every single day about behavior issues. No time to relive the proud moments associated with past accomplishments. No time to ponder what the Lord has in store for his future as he leaves our home this fall to go to college. No time reiterate the gratitude that he has turned out to be a really great kid... a really great young man. I could not be prouder or more thankful.

Humbled and thankful,


Friday, February 22, 2008

Following the Plan, Part 3 (and final--maybe)

I am taking NT 2 this semester, the final semester of my master's degree!! I am reading a really fabulous book on Paul by F.F. Bruce -- it's actually a text required by the professor but I really like it. Anyway, as I have been thinking about my research paper (not starting on it, mind you, because mid-terms are in the next couple of weeks) I have been looking over several passages. I think I am going to do an exegesis of a passage in Galatians but was reading a related passage from Ephesians the other day. Check out Eph. 2:8-10:

"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."

I could not help thinking about the stories of both Joshua and Gideon that we recently studied in our Life Group and that have been the subject of recent posts. Both were promised victory in battle and both received battle plans that would leave no room for boasting on their parts. Marching, shouting, blowing trumpets, smashing pitchers, are not common military practices. That our salvation is just like that blows me away. Believing and moving forward -- not anything that we can accomplish on our own, lest we boast in ourselves. All boasting is reserved for the One who spoke the world into existence. It is His name that is to be proclaimed and made famous, not ours.

As I come to the end of my years of preparation and God has begun to reveal what's next for me I see this massive project ahead of me. Johnny and I had a meeting this week and though the amount of work required is staggering, I feel rather calm about it. I don't know how it's going to work out but I feel confident. Strange, for me. I am the worrier, the doubter. This I know for sure, I don't want to miss what's ahead for anything. I want to be in the place where there is not one speck, one breath, one ounce of boasting in me...just walking in those good works that were prepared for me.

Serving the King,


Monday, February 18, 2008

My Valentine Gift from my Man

When Johnny and I got married and we were in seminary we had very little money. Since Valentines Day falls right between Christmas and our anniversary in March, our deal was that we could not spend any money on each other for Valentines Day. We only exchange homemade gifts. This year I got a poem... and here it is:

Was It Yesterday

Was it yesterday,
Or perhaps the day before,
I saw you while I was acting goofy
and my heart stood still
We couldn’t stop holding hands
It just had a great feel
Was it yesterday,
Or perhaps the day before,
We stood before the church and said our vows
20 years later I understand covenants now
Was it yesterday,
Or perhaps the day before,
We lived in Grand Prairie and God gave us a son
You taught him how to swing a bat and played w/ him everyday
He has tested our patience and blessed in many a way
Was it yesterday,
Or perhaps the day before,
We lived in Round Rock and God changed our world with 4 words…
“I got my girl”
She is more like you than either of you know
There is no better woman than you to whom she could aspire to grow
Was it yesterday,
Or perhaps the day before,
We lived in Carrollton and we thought you had the flu
It was something much more serious than either of us knew
God gave us son number two
He has a sensitive spirit just like you
Is it tomorrow,
Or perhaps the day after next,
In 2008 we have two graduations, three teenagers and two kids that can drive
With twenty years together we are just hitting our stride.
Is it tomorrow,
Or perhaps the day after next,
It will just be just the two of us
It hardly seems real
But it will be great
Because when we hold hands it still
Has a great feel.

To my valentine of 20 years, Jeanette

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Typical Day in the Life

The phone rang at about 2:40 yesterday, just after the end of the school day for our high schoolers. "Dad, can you come pick me up...and 2 of my friends? And, can they come over?" Dad's reply, as usual, "Of course." Then, they wanted to go somewhere else and dad took them. My parents were stopping by for dinner on their way to spend the night at my brother's house so they could see my nephews play basketball today. Also, Jacob got home from school. 8 people were at the house. A little later Josh walked home from work. We're in a standoff about who is going to pay for his gas...we (the parents) being more stubborn than him, though he does not think that we are. Jess then asked if another friend could come over. Fine. (oh yeah, in the meantime, Johnny went and picked the girls up and brought them back to the house. Yes, we are anxiously waiting for the day when Jess can finally drive!!) Now, there are 10 people at the house and one of Josh's friends is on the way. I was just planning a pot of chili for dinner which is plenty of food for 7 (my 5 and my parents) but I'm not sure it will be enough if I add in 4 extra teenagers. So, I start scrambling around to find stuff to make another soup. Monday is shopping day and by Friday it's slim pickins at my house. About that time, Jess says, "We're not eating here. And, by the way, can someone take us to ABC?" (a local coffee and sandwich shop) Josh and his buddy were not eating here either...they were off to pick up Josh's girlfriend and then head out for the evening. So, it ended up being only 5 for dinner and there was plenty of chili for all.

I think my parents were just laughing to themselves. However, they have experienced the revolving door of our house on more than one occasion. Kids in and out constantly...that's our life. We love it.



Serving the King,


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Following the Plan, Part 2

Continuing on from the lesson on Joshua and Jericho last week to our upcoming lesson this week on Gideon. (We are taking gigantic leaps through the OT in our study now!!) God said the same thing to Gideon that He said to Joshua, "Go down against the camp (Midianites), for I have given it into your hands." (Judges 7:9) Done deal. However, God knew Gideon's heart. When God approached Gideon and called him to lead the people to defeat the Midianites Gideon responded by saying he was the least of the least and not qualified for the job. God called him a mighty warrior but Gideon hardly saw himself as such. (Judges 6:12-15) Gideon needed reassurance then and God knew he still needed reassurance. I love that about Him, His ability to know my need and meet it before I ever even ask. So when God told Gideon to go out against the camp He added, "But if you are afraid to go down the camp and you will hear what they say; and afterward your hands will be strengthened that you may go down against the camp." (Judges 7:10-11, in part)

Blessed be the Lord, my rock,
Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle;
My lovingkindness and my fortress,
My stronghold and my deliverer;
My shield and He in whom I take refuge;
Who subdues my people under me.
Psalm 144:1-2

Serving my Stronghold and Deliverer,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Following the Plan

I'm hanging at the house today. I've been a bit under the weather this week and do not feel like doing much of anything. Alas, I've tons of reading to do for school so it won't be a boring day!!

Last week as I was studying the 6th chapter of the book of Joshua for preparation for my Life Group and God spoke to me in a personal way that had nothing to do with the focus of the lesson for the ladies in my class. I love it that God's Word is living and active (Heb. 4:12) and that He uses it to speak to me. I love it that I get way more out of my study each week than I could possibly teach -- the lesson I teach and the lesson for me. Anyway, back to Joshua 6. God gave Joshua the battle plan for Jericho. It involved walking silently for 6 days, blowing trumpets, and shouting. Before God gave one word about the method for capturing the city, however, He told Joshua that He had already given Jericho to them. It was a done deal before Joshua, the priests, and the armed men took one step. Of course, the people did have to go in obedience. When they followed through, all it took was walking and shouting and the walls fell down.

God is consistent throughout all time. He is the Ancient of Days, the Eternal One. No doubt He uses mysterious ways to accomplish His purposes. Maybe you could fill in the blanks of the below statements with your own assignments (I know I could!!) --

See, I have already given _______________ into your hand. And you shall ___________ .

Blank #1 is what God has promised. Blank #2 is how you should go in obedience. (check out Josh. 6:2-5) Here's a really cool part of the story -- as the Israelites walked around the walls of Jericho, they took the ark of the covenant with them. It was a physical reminder to the people of God's presence with them. Also, I read in a commentary that the trumpets that were used were also the trumpets used at times of festival to remind the people of God's presence. So, they walked without talking around the walls. The sound they heard was their footsteps and the trumpets. Their eyes saw the ark and their ears heard the trumpets -- reminders of God's going with them. As long as Israel kept moving in obedience, following God's plan, He removed the obstacles before them. It's when they lost their focus that things became more difficult.

I'm voting for God's plan!

Serving the King,