Saturday, February 16, 2008

Typical Day in the Life

The phone rang at about 2:40 yesterday, just after the end of the school day for our high schoolers. "Dad, can you come pick me up...and 2 of my friends? And, can they come over?" Dad's reply, as usual, "Of course." Then, they wanted to go somewhere else and dad took them. My parents were stopping by for dinner on their way to spend the night at my brother's house so they could see my nephews play basketball today. Also, Jacob got home from school. 8 people were at the house. A little later Josh walked home from work. We're in a standoff about who is going to pay for his gas...we (the parents) being more stubborn than him, though he does not think that we are. Jess then asked if another friend could come over. Fine. (oh yeah, in the meantime, Johnny went and picked the girls up and brought them back to the house. Yes, we are anxiously waiting for the day when Jess can finally drive!!) Now, there are 10 people at the house and one of Josh's friends is on the way. I was just planning a pot of chili for dinner which is plenty of food for 7 (my 5 and my parents) but I'm not sure it will be enough if I add in 4 extra teenagers. So, I start scrambling around to find stuff to make another soup. Monday is shopping day and by Friday it's slim pickins at my house. About that time, Jess says, "We're not eating here. And, by the way, can someone take us to ABC?" (a local coffee and sandwich shop) Josh and his buddy were not eating here either...they were off to pick up Josh's girlfriend and then head out for the evening. So, it ended up being only 5 for dinner and there was plenty of chili for all.

I think my parents were just laughing to themselves. However, they have experienced the revolving door of our house on more than one occasion. Kids in and out constantly...that's our life. We love it.



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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I love this kids are still pretty young but we typically have extras around on the weekends. I can't imagine when they are all teens. I pray mine want to hang out with me like yours do.! :)