Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today is son #1's (number one in birth order, not because he's favored) 18th birthday. Wow! I can hardly believe it. I want to write a long blog today about all that he means to me but, instead, I am working on my NT take-home mid-term exam. No time for gushy thoughts about the day he was born, how he seemed to be bonded with his dad from the very beginning. No time to write about the exasperation we felt on numerous occasions as we met with his school teachers -- one of which I became very good friends with because I talked to her every single day about behavior issues. No time to relive the proud moments associated with past accomplishments. No time to ponder what the Lord has in store for his future as he leaves our home this fall to go to college. No time reiterate the gratitude that he has turned out to be a really great kid... a really great young man. I could not be prouder or more thankful.

Humbled and thankful,


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!!!! I can't believe your 18!!! WOW.... time flys. Hope you have a great day.