Sunday, June 29, 2008


Johnny preached from the Revelation today. He's doing a series simply titled, "Seven," about the 7 letters to the seven churches in Revelation. Today was #1, Ephesus. In the letter to the church at Ephesus, Jesus commended the believers about what they were getting right. Then He added, however, that He one thing against them -- they left their first love. Johnny went on to preach about the believers losing their passion for Christ. It's easy to go through the motions at times, not really passionately pursuing, but just doing. One of the VBS songs had a phrase that said, "Let my actions match my passion..." The teachers taught them some really cute motions and I really thought they were adorable singing it (the kids, not the teachers!!).

Let my actions match my passion...

I can get so sidetracked by laundry, cooking & cleaning, taking kids here and there, even preparing to teach my Life Group -- which, BTW, I love. It's just that studying to teach cannot be me practicing my passionate pursuit of God.

What are you really passionate about? How do your actions match that passion?

Just wondering.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday. I must admit I had a great time at VBS this week. I even made a craft today, even though I am not crafty. Why, you might wonder, would one work in crafts when one is not crafty. Because, this one would answer, it's more fun to see lots of different kids and teachers. However, I am glad it's Friday and it's over. I have never felt "called" to children's ministry, though I do love children. Johnny and I went to Family Night last night but we weren't a family, we were just a couple. We didn't have any kids with us since the younger two were still on mission trip and the college boy does his own thing. (yes, I did type "college boy" -- I'm trying to get used to it -- ease into it so it's not so shocking on August 20th when he moves out of our house and into the dorm)

The younger two did arrive home from the mission trip almost two hours ago. The youngest is resting and Jessica is already out the door, on to the next activity. They had a great time, they reported. They worked really hard -- they said they had to clean and organize the homeless shelter...maybe they need to put those skills they used in their own rooms this coming up week. It wouldn't hurt... They also passed out prepared meals to homeless people. They actually got in vans and trucks and drove around and passed out food. It was an eye-opening experience, one that I hope sticks with them.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

I forgot to post something funny from yesterday...

I am working in crafts at Vacation Bible School this week at my church. We have groups from grades 1-4 rotating in and out of our craft area. It's fun because I get to talk to a bunch of different kids every day. Yesterday I met a kid who said he lived in Colorado. The teacher explained he was visiting his grandmother. Thinking I might know his grandmother I asked, "What's your grandmother's name?" To which he replied, "Mimi... (it was the rest of his answer that left me laughing hysterically)... and she wears shorts like yours!"

I don't know who Mimi is but she most be one hip grandmother...or, I'm wearing the wrong shorts...

Serving the King,


Don't Worry

I have been reading Matthew for a while. I am slowly (very slowly at times) making my way through Matthew and am contemplating Matthew 6:25-34. Don't worry or be anxious, Matthew writes. Actually, the writer is quoting Jesus Himself. Don't worry about what you will wear, what you will eat or drink. Don't worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own. (paraphrasing parts of the text)

As I have alluded to before on this blog, I am starting a new project. Johnny and I had a meeting last night with a couple that will be helping us/working with us. Our friend asked LOTS of questions. Some I could answer quite succintly and some I had no idea how to respond. Lots of details to consider. I'm not worried or anxious, though. Interesting because I am a worrier by nature. Am I not worried because of my faith in God or out of ignorance of all that will be involved in the coming weeks? I hope it's the former and not the latter.

Sometimes the big picture is what causes me to worry. Maybe that's why Jesus said, "Do not be anxious for tomorrow." One step at a time. Am I being obedient and following what He has for me to do today? Sometimes (a lot of times) I want instant results. It's just not that easy or realistic.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you."
(Matthew 6:33)

Taking care of today,


Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Official, He's a Patriot

Johnny and I took Josh to Orientation and Registration at DBU this week. It was a day and a half event. Josh spent the night on campus, in the dorm, and attended student stuff while Johnny and I attended the parent stuff. The second day is when he actually registered for classes and we got the bill. Wow! We saw the grand total before any of his scholarships or student aid were subtracted -- it took my breath away. After students register for the first time at DBU and they are officially a Patriot, they get to ring the bell. It's the only time they can do it legally. So, here's Josh ringing the bell. An upperclassman was there encouraging the guys and taking photos.

If preparing a child to go off to college isn't enough to make one feel older then I got a little more encouragement in that direction today. I have not been sleeping well lately. In fact, I've been waking up really early -- and I am one who needs my sleep. As I've always said, "I need my beauty sleep and it's not my outward beauty that I'm talking about!" But, I've been waking up early and this morning I was awake at a time that begins with a five. Johnny and I left, went to the gym and got back home before any of our kids even woke up. Anyway, I was commenting about waking up early to my daughter later and she said, "Man, mom, you're getting old.'' Thanks a lot. (In case you're wondering, both of my daughter's grandmothers are early risers and so she equates that to being old. Not that the grandmothers are old, but you get the picture.)

Thankfully, we invited some young families over to swim today. There were 5 kids here (not belonging to me or my kids' posse) and the oldest was 7. Youngness was here and I was a part of it!!

Serving the King,


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home Again

We're home. We'll be home most of this week when we're not out at our lake house (aka, the Wild Wood parked at Joe Pool Lake). We picked up our dog this morning and our kids will be home from camp in a few hours. I miss them like crazy. Been praying for them all week. Can't wait to hear how it went. Josh and Jess took their cell phones so we've talked or texted them a couple of times. I had to ask Jess how Jacob was doing via text message since we had not talked to him this week. She said the girls on her floor were talking about him. Imagine that! I'm tickled by it, not sure what to make of it, though.

Home is my absolutely favorite place to be. I'm a home-body by nature. I like to be in my chair here in my office sitting at my desk. I like the peace and the comfort and the familiarity. I am at rest in the stability and security that home brings.

I fully realize that not everyone has that. Somewhere in Burma right now someone is finding shelter under a piece of tarp or a thatch roof. All of her earthly possessions are gone, blown away by the storm or carried away in the flood waters. I am thankful and amazed beyond measure that God put me here. I know that except for His grace that things could be different for me. Even here, in Mansfield, home doesn't bring comfort and peace for everyone.

Peace is not in a place, it's in a Person. Oh, that those who lack Peace may find Him.

That's my prayer.

Serving the Prince of Peace,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention

Johnny and I are in Indianapolis for the annual meeting of the SBC. Monday night was the big graduation -- a really fun night. I cried more than once on Monday but we just had a blast at graduation sitting with family and some friends and then went out for a very late dinner afterwards with Monica and some of her family. Tuesday morning all three of our kids got on the bus to go to Student Life Camp and Johnny and got on a plane. The convention has been fine -- as conventions go. We have run into some friends and met some new ones. We also ran into some people that know people we know (if that makes any sense) and got an update on some of our friends who are overseas.

We stayed to the very end (we don't always get to do that) and heard the report from the IMB. There was a great presentation about the work of So. Baptists around the world, particularly in South America this year. Travis Cottrell sang a song to close the presentation. Johnny and I saw him walking down the street and I started to call out to him, tell him that I was in one of his music videos, but he was talking on the phone. (LOL)

I have not had much to post about lately except the graduation and, really, don't have much to report on now. I am so compelled, all the more after being at the convention tonight, to get busy with what God has for me next. I am Really, I am overwhelmed by the task ahead -- I hardly know how I will even get started, but here I go.

Be home soon!

Serving the King,


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was it. Josh's last day of grade school. It was the last day for all three but, obviously, the finality of it being Josh's last day is huge. Yesterday and today both I went into his room to wake him up and could not help but think about those days when was just a little fellow. We've pulled out all sorts of pictures from his entire life so his sister can put together a movie of him for his graduation. One of my all time favorites is in the hospital after he was born. I had some complications and Johnny stayed with almost around the clock. I know he was exhausted because the couch he had to sleep on was tiny. The picture is of Johnny asleep on the couch, legs and feet hanging over the arm of the couch. And then there's Josh, asleep on his chest.
I am so proud of Josh. I hope the next few days are a lot of fun for him. There's parties to go to, a celebration dinner with Monica and her family, a celebration lunch with both sets of Josh's grandparents on Monday, then the graduation itself on Monday night.
Jess and Jacob are obviously out of school now, too. This is Jacob's first year to have to take final exams at the end of school instead of having a party. Oh, to grow up. All his hard tests were today but he said he thought he did pretty good. Jess was exempt from all her finals so she's already been in summer-mode for a couple of days. Yes, while Jacob was still in school on Monday she was at the new water park here in town. It just didn't seem right.
So, summer's here!! I hope the pool is full of kids all summer. Tomorrow I will go and buy all their favorite junk food (and maybe a healthy thing or two) and fill my freezer and fridge. I've just got to remember not to buy any junk that I like so I won't be tempted to eat it myself!!
Shout joyfull to God, all the earth;
Sing the glory of His name;
Make His praise glorious.
Say to God, "How awesome are Your works!
Because of the greatness of Your power Your enemies
will give feigned obedience to You.
All the earth will worship You,
And will sing praises to You;
They will sing praises to Your name.
Psalm 66:1-4
Happy beginning of summer!
Serving the King,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Senior Stuff

Josh and Monica went to prom last weekend...Yesterday we had a pool/graduation party (please notice the wallpaper in the background...I finally did get on the walls!!) ...
Today was Senior Recognition at our church. The gift from the church to this class of seniors was a well. Our church is digging a water well in India in the name of the seniors. Instead of giving the seniors a book they will never read or a cd that they may or may not ever listen to, their names will be put on a well that will provide water to people in India with the hope to give them the message of the Living God as well.

I've typed another paragraph in this spot about 4 times and every time I have deleted it. I held it together at church today during the powerpoint of the students -- their pics at different stages of their lives sent in by their parents out of great pride. Johnny preached a challenge to the seniors that was applicable to all of us. In 12 weeks and 2 days we will move Josh into his college dorm. I'm overwhelmed, sad, proud, anxious, excited, anticipating, preparing (I bought towels on clearance at Target the other day for the dorm, for goodness sakes!) -- I really cannot describe all that I am feeling. I think the reality that it is affecting us deeply is an understatement. During the response time at the end of our worship today Johnny called all the seniors to the altar so that our church peeps could come and pray over them. As I knelt behind Josh with my hand on his back absolutely imploring God concerning his future I felt someone moving up between me and the person next to me. I peeked open my eyes to see my daughter squeezing in, dropping to her knees and putting her arm around her brother, no doubt to pray God's blessings on him as well. No words are able to express my thoughts, really. We're headed into unfamiliar territory.
So, with that, I will close this post.
Until next time - Jeanette