Sunday, June 1, 2008

Senior Stuff

Josh and Monica went to prom last weekend...Yesterday we had a pool/graduation party (please notice the wallpaper in the background...I finally did get on the walls!!) ...
Today was Senior Recognition at our church. The gift from the church to this class of seniors was a well. Our church is digging a water well in India in the name of the seniors. Instead of giving the seniors a book they will never read or a cd that they may or may not ever listen to, their names will be put on a well that will provide water to people in India with the hope to give them the message of the Living God as well.

I've typed another paragraph in this spot about 4 times and every time I have deleted it. I held it together at church today during the powerpoint of the students -- their pics at different stages of their lives sent in by their parents out of great pride. Johnny preached a challenge to the seniors that was applicable to all of us. In 12 weeks and 2 days we will move Josh into his college dorm. I'm overwhelmed, sad, proud, anxious, excited, anticipating, preparing (I bought towels on clearance at Target the other day for the dorm, for goodness sakes!) -- I really cannot describe all that I am feeling. I think the reality that it is affecting us deeply is an understatement. During the response time at the end of our worship today Johnny called all the seniors to the altar so that our church peeps could come and pray over them. As I knelt behind Josh with my hand on his back absolutely imploring God concerning his future I felt someone moving up between me and the person next to me. I peeked open my eyes to see my daughter squeezing in, dropping to her knees and putting her arm around her brother, no doubt to pray God's blessings on him as well. No words are able to express my thoughts, really. We're headed into unfamiliar territory.
So, with that, I will close this post.
Until next time - Jeanette

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Graduation!!! How exciting for Josh to start this new chapter in his life. I pray that he allows God to be the author.
Where is he going to college? DBU????
Tell everyone we said hello!!!
Miss yall.