Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday. I must admit I had a great time at VBS this week. I even made a craft today, even though I am not crafty. Why, you might wonder, would one work in crafts when one is not crafty. Because, this one would answer, it's more fun to see lots of different kids and teachers. However, I am glad it's Friday and it's over. I have never felt "called" to children's ministry, though I do love children. Johnny and I went to Family Night last night but we weren't a family, we were just a couple. We didn't have any kids with us since the younger two were still on mission trip and the college boy does his own thing. (yes, I did type "college boy" -- I'm trying to get used to it -- ease into it so it's not so shocking on August 20th when he moves out of our house and into the dorm)

The younger two did arrive home from the mission trip almost two hours ago. The youngest is resting and Jessica is already out the door, on to the next activity. They had a great time, they reported. They worked really hard -- they said they had to clean and organize the homeless shelter...maybe they need to put those skills they used in their own rooms this coming up week. It wouldn't hurt... They also passed out prepared meals to homeless people. They actually got in vans and trucks and drove around and passed out food. It was an eye-opening experience, one that I hope sticks with them.

Have a great weekend!


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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

This is so funny because I call my 21 and 19 year-olds "College Daughter" and "College Boy" often on my blog. I have one in high school, too. I work in a youth ministry. I know what you mean about loving the little kids but not feeling so called there. I struggle with that.