Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home Again

We're home. We'll be home most of this week when we're not out at our lake house (aka, the Wild Wood parked at Joe Pool Lake). We picked up our dog this morning and our kids will be home from camp in a few hours. I miss them like crazy. Been praying for them all week. Can't wait to hear how it went. Josh and Jess took their cell phones so we've talked or texted them a couple of times. I had to ask Jess how Jacob was doing via text message since we had not talked to him this week. She said the girls on her floor were talking about him. Imagine that! I'm tickled by it, not sure what to make of it, though.

Home is my absolutely favorite place to be. I'm a home-body by nature. I like to be in my chair here in my office sitting at my desk. I like the peace and the comfort and the familiarity. I am at rest in the stability and security that home brings.

I fully realize that not everyone has that. Somewhere in Burma right now someone is finding shelter under a piece of tarp or a thatch roof. All of her earthly possessions are gone, blown away by the storm or carried away in the flood waters. I am thankful and amazed beyond measure that God put me here. I know that except for His grace that things could be different for me. Even here, in Mansfield, home doesn't bring comfort and peace for everyone.

Peace is not in a place, it's in a Person. Oh, that those who lack Peace may find Him.

That's my prayer.

Serving the Prince of Peace,


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