Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention

Johnny and I are in Indianapolis for the annual meeting of the SBC. Monday night was the big graduation -- a really fun night. I cried more than once on Monday but we just had a blast at graduation sitting with family and some friends and then went out for a very late dinner afterwards with Monica and some of her family. Tuesday morning all three of our kids got on the bus to go to Student Life Camp and Johnny and got on a plane. The convention has been fine -- as conventions go. We have run into some friends and met some new ones. We also ran into some people that know people we know (if that makes any sense) and got an update on some of our friends who are overseas.

We stayed to the very end (we don't always get to do that) and heard the report from the IMB. There was a great presentation about the work of So. Baptists around the world, particularly in South America this year. Travis Cottrell sang a song to close the presentation. Johnny and I saw him walking down the street and I started to call out to him, tell him that I was in one of his music videos, but he was talking on the phone. (LOL)

I have not had much to post about lately except the graduation and, really, don't have much to report on now. I am so compelled, all the more after being at the convention tonight, to get busy with what God has for me next. I am Really, I am overwhelmed by the task ahead -- I hardly know how I will even get started, but here I go.

Be home soon!

Serving the King,


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