Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Total Silence

My house is completely quiet this morning. I don't hear a single thing. Our neighbor has been putting a pool in and not only has it made my dog completely frantic but it hasn't been quiet for weeks. Johnny is out-of-town at his LifeWay trustee meeting and the kids, of course, are at school. And there's quiet, sweet quiet.

I am leaving in 3 days for Peru. I covet your prayers for me and the rest of the folks going on our trip. We will fly into Lima and then head up into the Andes Mountains to do evangelism and discipleship. I'm not sure where we are going and, more importantly, where we will be staying once up in the mountains. Can I just let you know that I am packing a sleeping bag and an air mattress? And hiking boots. Yeah, you know I like camping but I don't usually do that on a mission trip!

Meanwhile, Jessica got her 1st college acceptance letter yesterday. Yes, I did tear up. Yes, I did tell her she could stay home for one more year - not at all meaning it seriously or thinking she would take me up on it! I'm so proud of her and am waiting patiently to see where God leads her to go to school next year. Though Johnny and I are hoping for one particular university where her brother attends and that is not too far from home, I really feel confident that Jess will follow God's leadership. And I'll be cool with that!

Serving the King,


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