Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Countdown - 10 days

The first time I stepped onto the campus of SWBTS as a student was January of 1987 -- forever ago. One of my professors that first semester was Dr. Marsh. He had wild white hair, like you would think of when you think of Einstein. Every time we met for class we started by singing "Victory in Jesus." It was my first time really away from home because even though I lived on campus during college my parents lived in the same town. I remember when I walked onto the campus I just knew I was supposed to be there. I only attended that one semester, however. Instead I got married, had three kids, moved and experienced life. I was able to take some classes online when we lived further away, but then we moved back. Lots of things had changed in the almost two decades I had been away. A new concentration was added since my last time there -- women's ministry -- and I made it mine. The students are young -- they seem younger than they did back then. My classmates wear jeans and flip-flops to class, for heavens sake! So I got some jeans and flip-flops and got busy finishing my degree. And today I attended my last class before finals. It was great. It was NT and my professor is passionate about the subject. He must've said a bazillon times this semester that he wanted to make sure we read the Bible well. I hope I will.

Serving the King,


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