Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prom Day

It's prom day for Mansfield High School. Josh got some help from his dad putting on the tux -- Jacob took a turn trying on the vest (he is such a funny kid!) --
This is just before Josh walked out the door to pick up Monica --
Jessica and I followed Josh to Monica's house so she could see Monica's dress. Josh was in a group of 10 couples that rented 2 limos to go to prom. The first stop, however, was the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Johnny and I drove over (as did several of the other parents) and followed the kids around the gardens taking pictures. Ours was not the only group at the gardens. There were several groups there. We went to dinner, following the picture-taking and after we sent our kids on their way, with some other parents. It was all a lot of fun. I must rest, however, because I am working 12:30-3:30 (AM!!) at the big after-prom party at the high school. For this privilege (cough, cough) I spent a few hours volunteering to prepare for the big event. Not only did I sell cookies a few weeks ago, I spent 6 hours yesterday decorating for the big event. These parents really know how to put on a party!

Today is just another reminder of how close we are to graduation. It's just a little over 2 weeks away. Next weekend we will have Josh and Monica's graduation pool party. The next weekend the grandparents will arrive and we will celebrate once again. I am totally amazed at how quickly it will be here. The day that I have thought about, planned for, anticipated all this year (at least this year) is almost here. My boy is just about to spread his wings and fly out of the nest.

Today, however, (err tonight) I hope he is having a blast! He and Monica looked beautiful -- and they are both really great kids!

I've got to go rest....Jeanette

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Anonymous said...

If you thought high school went fast, just wait. My oldest is getting married SATURDAY!! It just seems like a few years ago he was running around @ church being told to slow down and be quiet, and high school graduation seems like yesterday. I've decided no one really understands how fast time goes by until they have kids of their own!
Enjoy every minute!
Kathy W