Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Countdown - 3 days

I have received emails concerning some of my friends who are living in Burma. All are safe but there is a real crisis over there due to the cyclone that hit over the weekend. I just read a news article that puts the death count over 22,000. I don't even know what to write...my heart is heavy. The main city, Yangon, was hit hard. They are without electricity and running water. Gas prices have soared as well as for other commodities. There is damage all over the city. Some people live in little more than huts. I cannot even imagine that some of those structures were able to withstand the high winds of the storm. If you did not see my post from Sunday, I am just asking again that you will pray for that nation. Please pray for my friends living there that they will have wisdom in dealing with their own situation as well as how to help the nationals.


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