Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yard Work

Or maybe I should just title this blog "exhaustion." I worked in the yard for the better part of today. I put out some new plants, pulled tons of weeds and grass that had grown in my flower beds, and also planted a couple of cantaloupe plants in my garden. Maybe I should say I put 1 1/2 cantaloup plants out because the puppy managed to get ahold of one before I had a chance to plant it.

Jacob is gone to Schlitterbahn today with his middle school band. They had to be at school at 3 am. No, that's not a typo - I did mean 3 in the morning. Repeatedly today I have thought about him, prayed for him, and hoped he remembered to put on that sunscreen I put in his bag last night.

So, I am sitting here eating a bag of nuts that my friend, Melissa, coated in some kind of spicy yumminess. I am contemplating getting out my notes for my Life Group lesson tomorrow. I know I should (and I will) but I am just so darned tired -- and now my mouth is burning a little bit. The lesson is on mentoring and the Scripture text is the account of Elijah passing the mantle to Elisha. (literally and figuratively!)

I love old things. I pulled a bunch of stuff most people would call junk out of Johnny's PawPaw's barn after he died. I brought two old coolers home and they've been sitting in my garage for almost three years. They are old metal coolers that you could fill with water or another beverage and there's the spout thing at the bottom -- you know, you press the button and the drink comes out. One is label "Igloo" and the other is "Artic Boy." I pulled them out of the garage and filled them with dirt and flowers and put them out in my yard. The old and the new are pretty cool together.

People who are older than us, who have already walked where we are walking have much to offer. I know a lady at my church who really is not that much older than me but she already has adult children. I will call her for advice in a heartbeat -- and have done so on more than one occasion.

The apostle Paul gave some pretty good advice for the body of Christ when he wrote that older women are to set a good example by the way they live and to teach the younger women. He wrote similar instructions for the guys, too. (Titus 2)

The body of Christ, encouraging one another, living to build one another up. A thing of beauty, like my flowers!

Serving the King,


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Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I just found your blog today and wanted to say hello. I like what you wrote about learning from those older than us. There is so much wisdom in experience.