Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Every 15 minutes

My son's girlfriend, Monica, is dead. Not really -- don't panic. She's here, though, with white face paint and a copy of her obituary that her mom had to write a few weeks ago. They announced at school today that she had died in a tragic car accident involving a drunk driver. There was a portrayal of a fatal car crash on the school parking lot where a student died, one went to the hospital, and one went to jail after failing the drunk driving test. The parents of all the students who die today, every 15 minutes, will be contacted by the police and one of the pastors from our church. The sound of a heartbeat plays over the intercom at school, slowing down until all you hear is the sound of a flat line. A student is taken from class by the grim reaper amd the obituary is read.

Actually, according to the website for the organization in charge of "Every 15 Minutes" someone dies in accident related to alcohol every 15 minutes. In a news report recently on, it was stated that 115 fatal accidents occur on US roadways every day. 115. 80% of those are reportedly caused by distracted driving. The article was about cell phone use while driving. Texting is the particular cause for concern among teenagers.

Although my son does not drink, he is often out on the road feeling invincible as most teenagers do. "It won't happen to me," is a common way of thinking for teens. He probably talks on his cell phone and even texts. I encourage him not to. Today is a sobering reminder that we are not invincible and that life is precious. Although the visits to the homes by the police and pastor are not real today, they could be. All the more reason to pray like crazy and teach them while we can.

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