Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I keep feeling like I should be doing some homework...I've been really busy today and yesterday catching up on stuff. I worked in the yard yesterday. Johnny built me a raised area in the back (for my mother's day gift -- the kids got me Brighton sunglasses!) so I could plant some veggies in my yard. I bought 4 tomato plants and a watermelon plant. I really want cantaloupe so I'm in search of that. It may be a little late to start seeds but I also put out beans seeds, squash seeds, and cilantro seeds. I started basil, parsley, and mint in my kitchen and have transferred the basil and parsley outside. I can't wait to see how my first try at growing vegetables goes. When I was growing up not only did we have a few cows we also had a huge garden every year. I hated picking beans, peas, etc., when I was a teenager but I only hope I get something to pick this year.

I watched American Idol without guilt tonight because I wasn't doing it when I should have been reading for school. Now that our Texas boy, Jason Castro, is out I'm a big fan of David Cook. I think he was great tonight! Even though I think it will be the two Davids as the final 2 it's a toss-up for me between David A. and Syesha.

Things are getting a little better for some of my friends in Burma. They even have some electricity. Things are really harsh for those that lived in the region where the cyclone hit the hardest. Thousands and thousands are homeless and hungry. Those that are experts in providing aid on a large scale are still not being allowed in the country so keep praying. Also keep praying for the ones that are in the country to have wisdom dealing with the situation on a day to day basis. Because they have some relief now it will be easier for them to concentrate on how to help those that need it the most. Also, please pray that as they hand out food to provide for the physical needs that they will have opportunity to tell of the Bread of Life!

Serving the King,


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