Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memory Lapse

You would think I would remember some things - big things, like, what it takes to get a driver's license in the state of Texas. I've done the "Parent Taught" driver's ed once, I should remember what it's all about. But no, I don't. Jessica reminded me it's only been 2 years since her older brother got his license. A little over two years, I reminded her, thank you very much. Alas, I forgot. For goodness sakes, I've got all the information for a master's degree in my brain. (jk, of course. It doesn't even sound like a good excuse!) So, today I printed out the form from the DPS and sent off for the info to get started with driver's ed. While I will miss having a teenage driver in my house when Josh leaves (yes, I do like having a teenage driver -- it's someone to run errands, pick up siblings, etc.) I can hardly believe I will have another one driving. Wow! We will be cutting it close for her to get her permit within 6 months of her 16th birthday. In some ways too close and in some ways not near far enough away...

I had big plans for this week. BIG PLANS. House cleaning, yard work, organization of the chaos that's happened over the past months. That didn't happen either. Two dentist appts. for 2 different teenagers, I took 2 shopping on 2 separate days, I took the Sr. to order flowers for prom, I shopped for a project board for a middle school project, I helped organize and type a works cited page for a research paper for the senior. I'm worn out and hardly anything is crossed off my original list. Why, you might ask, am I typing instead of working. I don't know, is the answer.

Now I've got to get off. This computer has the best monitor and Jess must watch last week's episode of "Lost" before the new one comes on tonight... and I've got to get back to the list.

Serving the King,
(even though it doesn't seem like it this week)


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