Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Countdown - 1 day

Done and done. I turned in my project (all 109 pages of it) and finished my last final. Today is graduation rehearsal and a dinner for the people in my area of study. Tomorrow is the big day.

So, I'm back in the mom business today. Not that I ever left that but for years, when the kids were little, that's all I did. I'm taking lunch to the youngest at school today. Not going to sit with him or even first he just wanted me to leave it in the office. He's 13, that's to be expected. I promised not to embarrass him or even say anything so now I can hand it off to him in the hall as he heads to the lunch room. Jess wants me to bring her lunch as well. For goodness sakes, I haven't done it all year and we're down to the last 3 1/2 weeks. She wants ChickfilA and Jacob wants Subway. I can do that. Then, I mentioned to Josh that I might not be here when he comes home for lunch. He gets out of school around 12:30 and usually comes by the house and inhales some food before he has to be at work at 1:00. What, he said, I thought you didn't have to leave for graduation rehearsal until 2:00. He's right. I didn't mention that the place I was going to be instead of the house to eat lunch with him was Kohl's. I guess Kohl's can wait. Yes, Josh, I will get lunch for you as well.

Speaking of 13, there's something magical about that age...The 13 year old got a new cell phone for his birthday. (just a few weeks later because he had to decide if that's what he really wanted) We decided to add unlimited text messages to his cell phone because, up until now, only the two older teenagers had it. The best way to do that for us was to add all of us -- I now have unlimited text as well. I know, I know. Some of you out there are opposed to text messaging. It's becoming an impersonal society and all that. But, how else will the teenagers get their lunch order to me so I can deliver it to their campus at the appropriate time? I mean, come on, what else do I have to do?? I can't go to Kohl's everday...

Just kidding, of course. Some day they will all leave me then I'll just be wishing for a text message asking me to bring lunch...

Serving the King and the kids,


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Anonymous said...

It's a grand feeling to wear that cap and gown! Soak it in. . . And it's also amazing without an assignment today [other than those text messages--Josh senses that "done" emotion]. Accolades on your dedication and desire to honor Him.