Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home from Camping

I just came over to my blog this morning and looked at my photo...the one just right of these words. I look like Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. I had that photo taken in the summer and I must have been out in the sun a little too much without the necessary sunscreen. Maybe I just have Christmas on my mind. Wait a minute....we must celebrate one more thing before we get to Christmas around the Dickerson house. I don't buy one Christmas gift or put too much thought into the rapidly approaching holiday season before Thanksgiving. That's how I roll. But, between Thanksgiving and Christmas is another joyous occasion and that is my darling Jessica's birthday. This year it's Sweet Sixteen! I remember the day she was born (and, oh yes, I will be telling the birth story's tradition) like it was yesterday. We didn't know if she would be a girl baby or a boy baby until she made her grand appearance a little after one in the morning. The doctor reported her gender and I replied, "I got my girl." I have always said (from the time she was little) that she is a free spirit. She lives how she believes no matter what other people think. She works hard, is very competitive, and is giving. She is sensitive to other's feelings and likes to have fun. She's conservative spiritually and politically. She's up for trying new things and I don't think she's scared of anything, except maybe the dark. She likes to go to the movies and hang with her BFF, Lucy. She makes me happy and proud. So, tomorrow I will celebrate the 16th birthday of my precious daughter...

Then, I will be madly busy decorating and shopping and planning and shopping and cooking and shopping...

And, Serving the King,


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