Saturday, November 22, 2008

Amazing Things in Mexico

I just got back from Mexico late last night and am in a mad rush to get ready to go camping tomorrow night!! I went with a group of high school students from my daughter's private school for a mission trip. The students worked sooo hard. We stayed at a children's home where they have a dorm type building for visitors. Apparently, they have a lot of visitors coming to assist them with various projects. Our students painted 8 houses and dug a ditch for a water pipe. We also had a dinner one night for the children at the home that our kids served. The last afternoon we got to play with the kids from the home as it was a holiday. (even though some of the bigger kids went to school anyway) I, too, worked the kitchen. Our kids ate really good meals that we cooked and cleaned up after. We finished one meal, cleaned up, and started on the next, it seemed. The amazing part of the trip was the following: (1) how one couple has worked hard to provide a good living environment for so many kids, (2) how easy it is to hang out and play with kids even when there is a communication/language barrier, (3) how hard the students worked without complaining -- at all, I am not kidding. They got along beautifully...not one harsh or fussing word between them all week. Just selfless acts and teamwork. They also had a lot of fun hanging out together during the work and during the free time. I am truly blessed to have been with such a awesome group of teenagers. And, they were truly thankful and appreciative of our work to provide the meals.

The only part of the week that was really hard was trying to get back into Texas yesterday. I am so glad that we have border control and I have been out of the country a few times over the last few years but have never had so much trouble returning before. I am thankful for those men and women who make it their job to guard our borders. Let me just say, they take their jobs very seriously!

And with that, I must get back to packing and planning for our Thanksgiving camping trip. Johnny painted the Wildwood while I was gone and it looks almost brand new!

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