Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm home from India. I hope to type some of my experiences here over the next few days -- how God took me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one -- but today I'm recovering. I'm just flat out tired. From the time we started home until we got back to DFW was a 30-hour journey. I'm not complaining...some of the people at the conference in India travelled at least that long, some in un-airconditioned buses and some by train. Some will be returning home to areas where they will experience persecution. Some to villages where they are in desperate need of a water well so that they can have clean drinking water. You know what that means -- it won't be running water into their homes but they'll have to go collect it and bring it in jars and containers back to their homes. They won't be sitting around in the house watching Heroes like I will be tonight. They won't be getting food from a restaurant picked up by their husband because they are just too tired to cook. Actually, they are all still at the conference until Wednesday and their physical needs are being taken care of. After that, they will be headed back into their own local mission field. And me, I'm here in my own mission field. I hope I can remember that every single day. I pray that I will.

I've been to places where people live in poverty and, yet, it still shocks me every time. People living on the streets or on a lot under blue tarps saddens me. It breaks my heart. It's hard for me to imagine that there is a hope for a better future for some of them. But there is a Hope and His name is Jesus. Oh, that we would take from the blessings of our own lives and pour it out on those that are desperate. The poor and needy, both physically and spiritually.

Tomorrow I think I will write about Sibyl and the Jets. Those girls were the funnest part of the trip... we laughed our heads off at times. About any and everything and sometimes about nothing. I hope you'll check back tomorrow...

Serving the King,



Alyssia said...

Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to read and hear more about your trip.

Anonymous said...

awww.. I miss Sibyl and the Jets.. :-)