Saturday, November 15, 2008

One More Trip to Go, then Thanksgiving Break

Johnny and I drove in from Houston around 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. It was a nice to get away with Johnny and to get some new info about what's going on in our convention. Thursday was 'catch up' day, including having lunch with the college boy. Friday I attended a conference about teaching ESL and got some good information. I am hoping to start that up as a new ministry of our church in 2009. I literally ran in the door Friday afternoon (thanks to horrible Friday afternoon traffic on 360 trying to get from Grapevine to Mansfield...should've known better) and back out again in 20 minutes. That's because we got to go to Bass Hall and see STOMP Friday night! We met some friends for dinner and then headed over to Fort Worth. Of all things, the place I planned for us to meet was closed (how does that happen?) so we headed over to another place close by. I think I made everyone a nervous wreck because it was taking SO long to get our food and I was anxious because I still had to stand in the 'will call' line to get our tickets. We made it in plenty of time, however, and the show was great! Johnny and I have seen STOMP before and I really wanted to take my kids because I was so mesmerized by it. It is phenominal how they can make a beat with anything...including paper lunch bags and plastic grocery bags!

Monday morning Jessica and I are heading to Mexico with the high school students from Jessica's school to do mission work for the week. I am looking forward to it but am physically and mentally exhausted from being gone so much lately. The next week we will be camping for the Thanksgiving break. I am so excited, I mean SO EXCITED, about going out in the Wildwood for 5 glorious days to enjoy the outdoors and my family. We will eat some good food, play games, wander around in the woods, and fill our time with relaxing.

I won't have internet in Mexico but I'll try to drop in before I go camping and let you know how the big Mexico mission trip went!

Serving the King,


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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I've always wanted to see Stomp. How cool that you've been twice!

Praying for your trip to Mexico..I love love love missions! :))