Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bible Study Tonight!

I'm so excited that I have a Bible study group coming to my house tonight.  I follow Beth Moore's blog and she suggested a summer Bible study and I took the bait.  I decided to make a fb group and invite my fb friends.  I've been cleaning and thought I'd sit down for a minute while strawberry cupcakes bake in the oven.

I opened up my Life Group curriculum to take a look at this Sunday's lesson this morning.  The title of the lesson is "Facing Obstacles:  Paul's Journey to Rome."  I started thinking about personal obstacles.  I don't know about you, but I've got some of those!  What would you say recent obstacles have been in your life?  Since this Sunday is the 4th of July, the day we celebrate America's independence, I did a little research this morning on obstacles to birthing this nation.  Yeah, talk about major obstacles!  Yet, those early colonists and settlers persevered and kept looking toward the goal, the prize. 

Sometimes I feel like my life is more like "Wipeout."  Have you seen that game show?  It's really rather hilarious in a sick sort of way.  It's about people competing on obstacle courses.  Most often, they get knocked right off the course and land in mud or water.  Sometimes they get back on the course and sometimes they just swim through the muck to get to the end.  Rarely is getting off-course a pleasant short-cut.

Like our pastor said last Sunday, I don't like slow.  I also don't like when things don't go the way I've planned.  Oh, I know, that sounds a little spoiled.  I just envision in my mind the way things are supposed to happen and when they don't go that way it throws me off.  I really don't like it when obstacles pop up.  But, who does? 

I must admit I've had a few pleasant obstacles lately (along with the other kind) and I'm thankful for it all.  Through all of it I see God's hand at work and I am glad for how He continues to work, whether it's what I expected or not.

Serving the King,


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