Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation check-in #2

It's Sunday afternoon on Lake Hartwell in Georgia.  Johnny has taken the kids out on the boat but I'm relaxing.  We are having some well-deserved rest after 4 days at amusement parks.  We were feeling especially brave and decided to wait in a ridiculous line to get into the Wizardly World of Harry Potter on opening day.  I must say, though I am not particularly a Harry Potter fan, it was impressive.  The ride inside Hogwarts was amazing. 

We love it here at the lake.  Jessica's fb status the day we arrived said time seems to move slower here - or something like that.  I think we just stop moving so fast.  There's no deadline or timeline or agenda.  I sat out on the back porch this morning, looking into the pine trees and out over the lake, and read from the book of Judges.  Although I am anticipating a group study that starts in a couple of weeks, I am in-between studies right now.  So, I've been reading through the book of Judges.  I've been doing that off and on for a few weeks.  I love the part of the book when the Angel of the Lord comes to Gideon and calls him "mighty warrior."  Gideon wasn't feeling too much like a mighty warrior -- more like a fraidy cat.  I can so relate to that.  Gideon was told to go in the strength that he had.  It was strength that God had already given him.  And, he had the promise that God would go with him and protect him. 

Sometimes I need reminders of what's already been given me and the promises that have been made.  I don't always feel strong or confident or able to accomplish what God has called me to do.  That's what is so great about vacation.  It is a time to rest and reflect and refresh.  A time to contemplate what God has already done and what He's already said He will do.  It's easier to go on in the strength that He's provided when there's a time of renewal.  So, in about a day and a half we'll start for home.  Where our responsibilities and agendas and deadlines await.  Where we are called on to give and do and go.  But, by then, we'll be ready. 

Thank you, Lord, for vacation!

Serving the King,


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Holly Austin Robertson said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lake...hope to get there in July! And don't forget WICKED this Friday!!! Enjoy your peace and quiet!