Sunday, June 6, 2010


I haven't wanted to put a new post on my blog because I've been so proud of the last post -- the one my daughter put up after she hacked into my blog.  Could a mom be more proud?  My boys each posted a youtube video on my facebook wall of someone singing happy birthday as a little birthday greeting to me.  They also wrote very nice cards so my heart has been full this week.  I have become very emotional over the last few days as my daughter has been making some graduation gifts for friends.  One in particular is a slideshow of her best friend, the friend that I call her "soul friend."  Then today was senior recognition Sunday at our church.  Our dear friend's parents could not be there today so we stepped in as her family for the day.  Jess told me that parents were supposed to write a letter to the graduate so I wrote a letter to our friend.  This morning I found our Student Pastor and asked him what I was supposed to do with the letter.  READ IT, he said.  Yeah, the parents were supposed to read the letter to their student during the lunch today.  Then my mind is racing -- did I write anything too personal to be read outloud, did I write anything that would embarrass our friend, embarrass me or my family?  Then, would there be any way on earth that I could read the letter out loud in front of other people?  Tears filled my eyes just when our Student Pastor told me that the letter was meant to be read out loud.  Well, of course I would not be able to read the letter but Johnny did.  Even this afternoon, I have been writing some other cards and thinking about all our friends that will be leaving.  Not like Josh, just 25 minutes away at DBU and we see him almost every week.  But, AWAY.  Like packing up and going away to college and leaving us.  This has been the hardest graduation on me so far.  Ever.  So, tonight we'll go to a graduation party and then we won't think about college again until the end of the summer.  We'll just have fun and work and travel and hope to say all the important things we want to say before our friends leave us.  It will be the hardest on Jess - she will miss some of her friends in a huge way.  And, our house will be a lot quieter and there will be less bodies upstairs on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Ok, I just can't think about it another second.  There's still summer...

Serving the King,


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Sue said...

Oh Jeanette :-( I have no idea the trip your emotions are taking with these changes in your lives and kid's lives. I hope you had fun at the graduation lunch and your daughter's friend was blessed with your letter to her.

Enjoy these carefree days of summer and capture those memories!

Bless you!