Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week One of Summer Break

This is the first full week of summer break.  Yippee!!  We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We celebrated my parents' 50th anniversary yesterday with my brothers and their families.  We had a low-key family party because we are sending them on a trip for their gift and wanted to spend our money on that.  The party was here so it was a busy day for us.  I loved it that Jessica's fb status last night was something my parents said to each other last night - My mom said, "Stand by me" to my dad when we were taking some photos.  My dad said, "I've been standing by you for 50 years."  Wow, a long time and a great heritage!

After a super busy weekend (that started, BTW, with a motorcycle ride for me and Johnny over to the town of Cleburne for breakfast on Saturday that was a LOT of fun) I am chillin' a little bit.  Well, really, I'm about to get to work on my writing assignment after doing absolutely nothing this morning.  Nothing except that I watched a show on Discovery Channel about the elusive Giant Squid.  Until just a few years ago, it had never been photographed in the wild or alive, for that matter.  Yeah, interesting, huh?  Some scientists in Japan finally captured a Giant Squid on an underwater camera.  Then, on another trip they attempted to video one in the depths of the ocean but instead it got caught in their line and came to the surface.  The narrator said, "In science, as in travel, getting there is half the fun."  He was talking about the study of the Giant Squid.  The next voice heard was that of a scientist (not the one in Japan) saying, "Science...the day we know everything, it's going to be a very sad day."  There are some things that just will not be known.

I was thinking about that recently when we watched the space shuttle land.  There are some things about space that will never be known.  Only God, the Creator, knows. 

Well, gotta run 'cause I gotta help Jessica get signed up to take the ACT in September. 

Serving the King,


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