Friday, July 2, 2010

Gifted by the Spirit

I love that the church has arms and legs and eyes and ears and we're not all a bunch of hands just stuck together and hanging on Jesus Christ, the Head of the church.  I am particularly thankful for that today and I think my friend Pam is awesome.  She is a pro at teaching kids and loving kids and giving of herself to others.  She was a tremendous help to me yesterday as we did our final collection of materials for our mission trip.  Actually, she helped me by telling me what to do - I love that!  We've been in Bible study together and our kids are similar ages so I know her heart but I rarely get over to the children's building so I think yesterday was the first time I've seen her in action.  Amazing, really!  (And, I'm typing this because she doesn't read my blog so she won't know...)

The main reason I'm here this morning is because I'm amazed at how God puts people together.  He really did knit us together in our mother's womb (Psalm 139:13) and made us individually unique.  We were given talents and the ability to do all sorts of things.  We were given different personalities - some are shy, like me, and some are more outgoing, like my husband and daughter.  But, when we become believers and followers of Jesus, we are given gifts by the Holy Spirit.  Those gifts, as well as our talents, are to be used for the benefit of the body, the church. 

How that works in practice is so beautifully displayed every week as we gather at the property we call our "church" knowing full well that the church is the people, not the buildings.  It is also really cool to see how that works when we are on mission.  When we step away from that property and from those buildings that are like home to us and reach out to others.  I have a chance to do that in just a few days.  I'm excited and a tiny bit apprehensive.  I'm believing, however, that God goes before us and all that we do is to His glory and not our own.

If you think about it over the next week, will you pray for our mission group as we head back down to Laredo?  We covet your prayers on our behalf as well as on the behalf of those we will serve!

Serving the King,


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