Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ridgecrest, NC

I am so distracted because I am more than excited about this weekend. On Saturday, Johnny and I are leaving for Ridgecrest, NC. Johnny is a trustee with LifeWay and I get to go to the trustee meeting with him!! I am always excited about getting away with Johnny but this is especially exciting because Ridgecrest is the place where we met. In 1987, I was a college graduate and a seminary student. I was hired to work at a summer camp called Centrifuge. There are several locations for the camp, but I was assigned to Ridgecrest. My first day there, someone captured by attention -- he was cooking hamburgers (some of the guys on the staff were cooking dinner for the rest of us) and acting silly. We became friends immediately. In fact, five weeks after we met we were engaged. Twenty years later, he is still the person I want to be with more than anyone else. He's my best friend and we have a blast together!

My mom is coming to stay with the kids. If you think about it, pray for her! She doesn't know about our crazy schedule yet. (yikes)

Focusing on today,


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Byron Hill said...

Jeanette, I enjoyed meeting you guys at Ridgecrest and I especially enjoyed playing golf with Johnny. I look forward to seeing back at Ridgecrest again next September!