Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Ask Why

Johnny's sermon this morning was based on the passage of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. He started the sermon by telling us (the congregation) that we shouldn't ask why because even if we got the answer we may not understand it. He illustrated this point by asking the question, how does an airplane lift off the ground? Do you know? He then played a video made this past Wednesday night by one of our church members of another church member (who happens to really be a rocket scientist) explaining how an airplane lifts off. The rocket scientist wrote mathematical formulas and drew diagrams explaining the process -- I didn't even understand all the words he was saying much less have any clue what he was talking about. I would have to know all that Mr. Rocket Scientist knows to fully understand the answer to the question why airplanes lift off the ground.

Sometimes I want to ask God why? Why do certain things happen? Even if He answered my questions, I don't know all that God knows -- He knows past, present, and future perfectly and the same -- so I may not even understand the answer.

The question is not why but how am I going to move forward from this point on, according to Johnny this morning.

Why, why, why? I've spent a lot of energy on why in the past. Perhaps I will again in the future. Hopefully I'll remember this morning and won't.

On a lighter note, one of my favorite shows started back up tonight -- The Amazing Race. I really like to travel overseas and go to new places so it's fun to watch the show.

I am stinking hot so I gotta go...Jeanette

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