Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Lull

I absolutely love Sundays. I enjoy my Life Group -- they are so great & we had a great day today!! They were so chatty -- I like that much better than when they sit there in silence, though! Worship was awesome today and the sermon was convicting and encouraging. Then, we got to go out & have lunch with some friends... an almost perfect day. And then there's Sunday afternoon -- made for napping. Really. I didn't make that up.

Remember the Creation story. God spoke and it was. Then, on the seventh day, He checked it all out, saw it was good, and rested. Do you think God gets tired? I don't think so -- the omnipotent God of the universe did not need to rest. He stopped creating, though. He took a break. We should follow His lead.

God doesn't need rest, but we do. He knew we would. It's good to stop activity and the hurry, hurry, go, go pattern we find ourselves in. Stop and renew your strength. Renew your mind and renew your spirit. Just stop. It's Scriptural. Not from a legalistic sort of way, but in a way that's just good for you.

So, I think I'll sign off now and go shut my eyes or read a book for just a bit.

Hope you will, too!

Serving the King,


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Anonymous said...

Jeanette, I've been reading your blog and getting caught up on you and your family's life. Boy, things change so fast, and years go by so quickly that its hard to believe. I was able to find your blog through Julie's blog. Its great to see how you both are doing. This blogging thing is new to me and I will eventually get one too, maybe. Anyway, lately your family has been on our thoughts of how much we miss you and especially Johnny's preaching. He will truly still be one of the best, dynamic preachers that I have ever heard in my life! Tell him I said so. I hope that we will get to stay in touch. Glad you are all doing well.
Corey started at UTPB this year, going into Pre-Pharmacy and Cody is in 10th grade at OHS, doing Tennis and still playing the violin in orchestra. Curtis is still working at Wal-Green's and it looks like in the near future, he may get his own store. They are planning to build more Wal-Green's in Odessa & Midland, so we will see what happens. I still work at the church, actually it will be 10 yrs. this Wednesday. My job has changed this summer, Carrie resigned to pursue her nursing career at OC, and so I got moved into Glenna's old office in the corner, they changed Carrie's office into a waiting area. I am doing what Carrie was doing, including Church clerk and publications. We hired a new young girl as the receptionist, her name is Cristal Macias. She is a young, single mom, very sweet and is very friendly. She is learning fast what church work is all about. Sherry is still with us as financial secretary, but next year, I think she going to work part-time, so she can semi-retire.
Anyway I went on and on, but we sure miss you guys. The last time we were in Ft. Worth, Curtis' step-dad passed away on May 4th of this year, which happened to be Curtis' birthday. He was diagnosed with cancer then 6 weeks later he was gone, it went so fast. Curtis really had a hard time, his mom is still struggling at times. Next time when we come, maybe we can come to see you at church and hear Johnny preach. Hope to talk to you soon. Email me sometime, at home it is and work is, Love ya, Angie Gullett