Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home (Again) Sweet Home

I'm home from my trip to Ridgecrest. I had big plans to blog everyday and add photos from the mountains and of Johnny and I in all the spots where we first fell in love. We did take a couple of photos -- one in the spot where Johnny gave me my engagement ring -- and I did post one on my facebook, but am on a different computer and, truthfully, it's not that great of a picture. Johnny and I drove up a paved rode to the engagement ring spot -- a PAVED ROAD. When we were there 21 years ago it was a rough, gravel road that we drove up in an old pickup truck that belonged to the camp. There's even a wooden decking kind of thing built up there now. Amazing. We had a great time reminiscing. A lot of people asked if we had ever been to Ridgecrest before so we got to tell the story. It was great.

Johnny spent the remainder of our time there in meetings. I, on the other hand, got to have fun. There was a speaker for the 2 nights for the trustee wives, we got to go to a beautiful lunch at the historic Grove Park Inn, and shopping.

Yesterday was a long day, however. First, we had to drive to Atlanta to catch our flight. Our flight was delayed and it was really bumpy due to the inclement weather. We landed late then got stuck in traffic. I fear we are headed for more rain and, maybe, even some high winds even as far up as North Texas due to Hurrican Ike. It doesn't look good right now for our brothers and sisters in the Houston/Galveston area and along the coast of Texas. I'm praying that forecasters are wrong and the hurricane is merciful to those living along the Gulf Coast.

This is a solemn day -- a day of remembering and a day of appreciation. September 11th will always be one of those days that we will look back on and remember what we were doing when we first heard the news, the pain we felt for the families that were enduring great loss, the fear of the unknown about the future events as a result of the attacks.

I am thankful to be an American, especially today.

Serving the King,


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