Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

I went to 24-hour Fitness this morning to the body sculpting class. After I went last Friday I could hardly even move on Saturday and Sunday but I am feeling really good today and, hopefully, will be tomorrow as well. Johnny was playing racquetball and so I did walk/run on the treadmill for a bit while I was waiting for him to finish after my class was over. After lunch we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine. Johnny got some gift cards for Christmas and he finally decided to use them. (A gift card to any store would not stay unspent in my possession for 9 months but, whatever...) We got some things for our travel trailer which made me more than excited about our upcoming camping trip. Well, it's not until Thanksgiving but I am anticipating it anyway! I love, love to go camping!

We are getting used to not having the college kid around too much. He has fall break in a couple of weeks and he said he's staying on campus -- I mean, he's not coming home for fall break! He works at the bookstore on campus and they are moving to a brand new building during that week so he says he's staying to work. I don't know what I expected. Our lives are super crazy and busy right now so I guess it's just as well... No, nope... it's not.

Enough of that...

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with not much on the agenda. I hope you, too, have a wonderful, restful weekend!

Serving the King,


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