Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Countdown - 9 days

Here's our new family member, Dodge. We adopted him today from the Mansfield Animal Shelter. He's a Shepherd mix and is about 4 months old. He has already followed me around everywhere today -- he really won't let me out of his sight. We've played and have been all around the house and yard. Thankfully he is sleeping right now -- it's been a big day for a little pup -- so I can work on my NT semester project. Last night the five of us decided on his name and we went to the pet store to get all kinds of stuff so we could bring him home today. Johnny said I have to stop saying that Jot was the best dog ever on the face of the planet now that we have a new dog. I'm already pretty darn attracted to this new little thing...

Serving the King,


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mary said...

He has such a sweet face. I can't wait to meet him.