Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Final Four

***UPDATE - The game isn't until around 8:30 pm so I BOUGHT TICKETS! Yes, I'm going to the Baylor/UConn game!!

I must admit when my kids' basketball season was over I thought I wanted to be DONE watching basketball for a while...like, til next year. However, I have been watching some March Madness. And mad it is! There have been so many upsets. I was really hoping my Baylor Bears (the men) would beat Duke Sunday night. I had to go to church early so we were taping the 2nd half of the game at home. I stinkin' wore my Baylor shirt to church (and, like a good pastor's wife never, ever wear a tshirt to church on Sunday night) and plugged my ears if anyone attempted to talk about the game around me. They didn't win. It was a heartbreak.

But, BUT, then the Lady Bears had their shot at the Blue Devils and, in case you haven't heard, WON! With 3 true freshmen on the floor! Yes, yes, one of those freshmen happens to be 6'8" but basketball is a team sport. It was an exciting game and I watched all of it. Basketball, again. I immediately called my mom (my parents are ticket season holders to the Lady Bears' games) to check on tickets to the final four game. Jessica and I wanted to go. That is, until I realized it will be on Easter Sunday. And that stinks! However, most likely, their game will be against UConn -- undefeated for eternity. Ok, hyperbole, but they haven't lost a game in a really long time. Johnny said they have to lose eventually - someone will beat them. Why not the Lady Bears? I only told Jessica she is not allowed to wear her UConn shirt this weekend. And, I am not kidding. At all.

So, I've got more basketball in my future. If the Lady Bears do win on Sunday I absolutely WILL be in San Antonio for the final on Tuesday. I hope they win!

Sic'em Bears!


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Anonymous said...

I, too, was heartbroken when the men's team lost on Sunday. We were at the Mavs game Monday night during the women's game, (Dirk's
2nd career triple double!!) but Mom kept me informed via text message. I hold out little hope against UConn, but Johnny's right! I hope you get to go to San Antone!!
Sic 'EM!!