Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Greater Passion

Sometime after I posted a blog on Monday of this week I found out my daughter was playing in a golf tournament.the next Waco. Nothing like last minute notification. But, oh well, the week before was Spring Break. So I spent much of Tuesday on a golf course. Which, on a nice, warm day I would enjoy. The sun was shining but the wind was blowing a gazillion miles an hour and it felt cold as a result. But whinning about that is really not the reason I'm here today.

A few days ago one of my daughter's friends told me her favorite book of the Bible is Matthew. I just happen to know of a recently written study on the book of Matthew that I could get her a copy of since I just happen to know the authors. Yesterday I gave her a copy of the first half of our Fusion study on Matthew and she seemed genuinely happy to have it. I told her that I would be glad to talk to her about it, since it is one of my most favorite subjects. Another being my daughter. I mean, my daughter is also one of my favorite subjects. The friend laughingly agreed that we could talk about my daughter quite a bit. She's a really terrific girl!

That got me thinking about Sunday's sermon that I alluded to on my previous post. I'm mulling it over this week. It was on Zacchaeus and the parable of the 10 minas from Luke 19. When Zacchaeus encountered Jesus he made a demonstration that Jesus was more important to him than, in the case of that tax collector, money. His life changed, his passion changed. You can tell where your passion is by how you spend your money and your time. Really, think about that for a minute. What are your priorities? Concerned with God's Kingdom or your own?

In truth, over the last 20 years (yikes, I have been a parent for 20 years -- that blows me away!) my life has been wrapped up in my kids. They are one of my favorite subjects. Some days, especially when they were all little, it seemed as though they were my only subject. Though I love them like crazy, would do anything for them, want the very best for them, they cannot be my first love. They cannot be my passion.

If Christ is my passion, how should that look in my daily life? How should it look in yours? How do I demonstrate that He is my passion? By following, by giving, by ministering, by loving.

May I do that well today.

Serving the King,


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