Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Kind of Loud

I had some friends over yesterday morning for coffee. Some of those friends have little kids. I want you to know that we like having lots of people over. We generally have extra people over spending the night most every weekend. We don't mind the noise or chaos -- in fact, we're used to it being loud around here. Last Sunday afternoon while Jacob was playing the drums upstairs (have I mentioned on here a time or two how loud it is when he plays the drums? espcially when he is doing a drum roll with his feet on the bass drum while his hands are both playing other drums? I mean, it is LOUD) Josh, his girlfriend, and Johnny were all asleep downstairs. We don't mind it. We're used to it. It was another whole kinda loud over here yesterday. I guess I just have forgotten what it's like to have preschoolers around since most of our usual guests are teenagers or above. Don't get me wrong, I loved them being here and I'm so glad they came. It was just really loud and there was a lot of activity. I gotta add, though, nothing was spilled and they were all very sweet. I mean, they were absolutely darling. I hope they'll come again -- maybe we'll just wait til the water in the pool is warm, though... oh, I'm just kidding...(sort of...)

Serving the King,


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Alyssia said...

Definitely "another kind of loud". Thanks again for having us all over. It was a fun time despite toddler chaos. :)