Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break 010 #1

This is my first installment of Spring Break 010. There may or may not be more posts but I'm at least starting here. Josh has actually been on Spring Break all this week. It really stinks that college and high school have different breaks this year. We went out to play some golf with Josh & his g/f today but the wind was blowing 5,000 miles an hour. I really felt like I was blown out of my stance a couple of times today. And, the wind was chilly so it wasn't fun for me. At all. I really stink at golf anyway so I need to have nice weather to make up for the frustration. We got a "rain check" for the back 9 and decided to go out to lunch my new favorite place to eat in the Highlands. It was super yummy and I'm already making plans to go there again.

The other two kids' SB started just about 2 hours ago. There's excitement in the air! Jessica and 6 other friends have gone to watch a friend play softball. Each of the seven friends watching the game have one letter each on their shirts that spell out the name of the friend that is playing ball. Jessica and a friend painted them on last night. Oh yeah, maybe a little over the top for a high school softball game but, hey, it's Spring Break 010!

My sons have just left the house for a trip to Guitar Center and they are dropping Johnny off to run an errand. More on that later, depending what happens this evening. I know, I's uncool for me to drop hints and then not give details. Maybe that will keep you checking back. (or, maybe not) At any rate, it's just me and the dog home now. We are having some fun with her the new training tips and tools left by the dog trainer yesterday. She is still learning but when 4 teenage boys came to the door today she did not jump up on one of them. She was all under their feet and trying to get to them...we'll get there, I feel sure of it!

Ok, enough of the nonsense and endless typing about nothing at all. Happy Spring Break everybody!!

Serving the King,


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